• New: Automatic link adding to nodes

    Hi I coded a little script for AutoHotkey that sets a link to a file selected in explorer in the notes of a selected thought. How to is written in...

    1 2,670

    Started by Gondwana

  • Bookmarklet

    I thought this might have been discused somewhere beofre on the forums but it did not show up in a search. Anybody made a bookmarklet or something...

    1 2,535

    Started by topps

  • Custom XML

    I want to use PB as a database editor and then export the XML to another program for visualization. Is there a way I can control the XML export?...

    1 3,106

    Started by Tomasz

  • How to Import /XML

    Is it possible to import informations avaylable on excell into PB4 ? I have same info about to convert to XML but I need more detailed info. I have...

    14 6,374

    Started by pmasetti

  • PB to Wordpress

    The data for my website is in PB, as I currently use an embedded webbrain for publishing. I will continue to use PB to gather the information ...

    0 2,494

    Started by nw

  • DTD link broken with website change

    I didn't see this mentioned anywhere but maybe I missed it... The URL to the DTD is not currently working due I'm guessing to website...

    1 2,569

    Started by richramos

  • PB6: need thought xml-export with notes interlinked

    Hi all, not having a second computer at hand and not wanting to install PB6 yet (calendar bugs being the biggest nogo i guess) could someone...

    2 2,557

    Started by cd

  • Import from DEVONthink

    I just came across this link http://www.devon-technologies.com/scripts/userforum/viewtopic.php?f=20 t=11451 The author has created a script...

    1 3,116

    Started by Harlan

  • Import XML

    Can one import XML data (of the correct format of course) into Personal Brain 4? It clearly exports it, but how would you import it? I'd like to...

    18 7,744

    Started by Leslieinva

  • launch url to search specific info

    Is it possible to search from the url using a context link? I would like to have a 3rd party app fill in search data within an embedded search...

    6 2,516

    Started by sherardp

  • del.icio.us to Brain

    Hello there, not sure whether this will be of interest to anyone but I knocked this together to get my del.icio.us bookmarks into the Brain. I've...

    12 3,926

    Started by unhinged

  • guid generation

    Hi all, looking into generating some xml with attachments and the like. As i'd like to copy those into the appropriate brain folder, i was...

    1 2,585

    Started by cd

  • Import = Export?

    Now Import of Word 2007 outlines shall be possible (don't have it for test) and Import of OPLM is possible (made a little test, works). My question...

    11 8,438

    Started by HanBav

  • PB XML 2 dynamic Html Outline converter

    Me again, another script i came up with. It converts from PB5.5 xml export (i use it for copying individual thoughts and wandering twds. the...

    3 3,420

    Started by cd

  • E-Mail to PB XML Import incl. Attachments, Tags etc

    Hi all, i've been working on an email2pb type of program. right now, it's out of the ugly-bugs-state and i'd like to share it for some...

    0 2,419

    Started by cd

  • Wordpress and theBrain

    Has anyone used Wordpress and inserted theBrain? Would very much like to connect. Boblevy@infknow.com

    1 2,493

    Started by storageman

  • Joomla & theBrain

    Has anyone use Joomla and placed a brain on their website? Would very much like to connect with anyone who has or wants to. Boblevy@inf2know.com

    2 3,127

    Started by storageman

  • Explination of schema/DTD

    Is there a document around here that explains the element data for PB XML? For example, what do the link/dir numbers translate to? Thanks, Ren

    4 2,491

    Started by RLPopeIII

  • Visualwords

    I was browsing around and found this visual dictionary site http://www.visuwords.com. What is nice about it is that you can use it in conjunction...

    9 4,302

    Started by zoner

  • example Import PB XML data in excel sheet

    Export your Personal Brain (with link types) to a PersonalBrain XML file and use the Excel XML import function and import the PB xml in the Excel - ...

    3 6,177

    Started by Adathome

  • Database Viewer - Exporter - SDK

    I wanted to ask about the general news/direction - that PB is planning to release the SDK sometime in 2009 - my interest is in some sort of ...

    1 3,420

    Started by jsw_nz

  • Creating a node from an external program

    I use launchy for a lot of things, including the ability to quickly append text to a text file for ideas I have but can't work on at the moment. I...

    1 2,857

    Started by marcwbrooks

  • TreeSheets

    Hello, I came across TreeSheets on http://treesheets.com/. I find it a very novell way of working with data. No replacement for PB but mayby one...

    2 2,996

    Started by jroeterd

  • can personal brain read OWL, RDF files?

    hello guys and girls, im seeking some answers regarding the capabilities of personal brain. basically im working on a visualization for a semantic...

    3 7,620

    Started by zakir7

  • PB TiddlyWiki

    Has anyone integrated PB with TiddlyWiki? Some kind of import, maybe on a subset of tiddlers from a TiddlyWiki based on tiddler tags. What I'd...

    4 3,296

    Started by DrBob

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