• XML with oxygen

    I try to get some knowledge about use of XML for some special structured data. So I use the oxygen Editor for getting deeper in this XML-World. I...

    2 2,221

    Started by HanBav

  • PB to iPod Notes?

    Has anybody tried to convert their PB for use on an iPOD (classic, nano etc, not itouch or iphone) using the notes feature? ConceptDraw MindMap...

    2 2,023

    Started by nw

  • CityDesk to PB?

    Has anyone done an import from CityDesk to PB yet? My website is currently implemented using CityDesk. My plan is to switch to PB for publishing. To...

    0 1,917

    Started by nw

  • XML Import broke in

    I have attached an xml file which can be imported in successfully. However, it cannot be imported into I am wondering why. This...

    24 4,064

    Started by mosaic

  • Brain 4 hangs when trying to import large XML file

    Hello ! I have built up an XML file (respecting Brain's xml schema) from a database I want to import; it includes thoughts, links and entries. The...

    2 2,074

    Started by PACMAN

  • Excel to PersonalBrain converter

    I have huge (~30.000 rows) database, every row describes relations between several entities (columns). I want to convert it to PersonalBrain. How can...

    7 4,073

    Started by andycpp

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