• Private WebBrain Data

    What are the privacy and security constraints with using webbrain site to allow PB sync?   Is the data encrypted?  There have been cases where...

    6 2,939

    Started by Harlan

  • Upload/download attachments ...

    Hello, I was just wondering whether WebBrain is likely to be extended in the near future to allow the uploading and downloading of attachments to...

    1 1,372

    Started by JohnPearce

  • How I am organizing my thought display

    Hi all, Like others, I have had some struggle to display the thoughts in the order I want, not alpha-numeric. Earlier I posted a problem with a...

    0 1,441

    Started by woelke

  • Fullscreen WebBrain for iPhone

    Quick tip for running your WebBrain on an iPhone, full screen: On the iPhone, go to http://www.fullscreen.me (in safari) and paste the URL of...

    0 2,074

    Started by zenrain

  • Copyright Do's & Don'ts

    I'm not sure what info copied from web or print sources can be legally included in a brain I post on the web. Has anyone seen any clear, concise...

    1 1,571

    Started by Leslieinva

  • Displaying URLs

    Webbrain is a great idea, but I don't understand why it can't be designed so that linked URLs display in the lower pane, as Sitebrain does, instead...

    4 1,730

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Webbrain, Share and security

    Hi there, I want to commercialize my brain. It has information that is valuable for my customers, and as such I want to protect it. I have loaded...

    1 1,734

    Started by JasonTranter

  • Feature Request: Password protect webbrains

    This would enable webbrains to be visible only to a selected audience without the hassle of defining user groups for access. Just add a password...

    1 1,487

    Started by Mandox

  • Brain no longer syncing

    Hi. I have a brain on two PCs and they have been syncing perfectly (apart from missing pinned thoughts) for a while. Suddenly one of the brains can...

    4 1,692

    Started by NorthFarm

  • Brain Sync Question

    I've been wondering this for a while now, so thought I'd ask. When syncing via WebBrain, currently we know that the following are synced: ...

    2 1,706

    Started by zenrain

  • webbrain multi access?

    what happens if I open the same brain on webbrain more than one time: each with login = write access?

    3 1,563

    Started by HanBav

  • WebBrain.com in German?

    Will there be WebBrain.com in german language in the near future?

    1 1,591

    Started by GerSch

  • What can I do on the iPhone/iPad in the future?

    Can you tell us, what will be in the future possible on the iPhone/iPad? Are there any technical restrictions to have most of the features which we...

    1 1,956

    Started by GerSch

  • iPad Support, Categories, and More

    WebBrain has been updated to include support for a variety of features including: Brain Viewing "Arrange Thoughts by" options...

    7 3,198

    Started by Harlan

  • WebBrain Releases

    It would be nice to know what has changed with WebBrain like we see for PersonalBrain. = http://forums.thebrain.com/?forum=92430 It make it hard...

    2 1,491

    Started by pshanks

  • Customizing

    Good afternoon, I've been playing with webbrain.com today and have been really impressed with the different added improvements. However, I'm...

    3 1,360

    Started by GregOsimowicz

  • Is webbrain good enough?

    Good afternoon everyone, First of all congratulations to the development team for a great product! I've just tried webbrain.com today and some...

    2 1,463

    Started by GregOsimowicz

  • Various Fixes

    WebBrain has been updated with a variety of fixes and optimizations. Problems with URL favicons disappearing have been resolved. You may need to...

    0 1,420

    Started by Harlan

  • Privacy issues

    I am just wondering about privacy issues, using this service. I have a lot of stuff that I wouldn't want eyes to see. (Of course, I would use the...

    3 1,996

    Started by JonnyB

  • WebBrain

    Does WebBrain use (or will use) the searching index included in BrainZip? Should we included the search index option in our BrainZips for our...

    3 2,350

    Started by pshanks

  • WebBrain Updated

    A new, updated version of WebBrain is up now and features a new look, plus many fixes and a few new features. Check it out. http://webbrain.com

    3 1,993

    Started by Harlan

  • WebBrain from Beta to Alpha

    I noticed that we've gone from WebBrain Beta to WebBrain Alpha. Doesn't it normally go from Alpha to Beta to GA? So the question begs to ask are...

    3 1,705

    Started by pshanks

  • Change of e-mail address

    I need to change my e-mail address in the webbrain profile. But I can't see how to do this.

    3 1,780

    Started by NorthFarm

  • Webbrain with Iframe

    In Harlan's blog there's a description of using a Webbrain as the navigation interface for a website. I've been trying that, but am not familiar...

    10 2,796

    Started by ChrisCase

  • WebBrain within an eLearning course

    Just thought we would share some of our testing using the WebBrain with an eLearning tool that we use called Articulate. Nothing fancy, just pure...

    0 1,537

    Started by pshanks

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