• keyboard shortcuts for Expand/Collapse All

    Every time after I hit OK button to close Preferences, the shortcuts for "Expand All" and "Collapse All" work only once. The...

    5 1,338

    Started by Dryopithecus

  • Tags/Categories-Contextmenu

    No longer offers option to create a new one - it is far easier to add them using this menu than P A-tab. Could you pls. provide such an option again?

    2 1,231

    Started by mbaas

  • Using command key in keyboard accelerators

    Using PB with Mac OS 10.5.6 and Java SE 6 Using the command (equivalently Apple) key in a keyboard accelerator generates weird results: (1)...

    1 1,579

    Started by dkr

  • Expanded Normal View Setup

    In preferences you have created a very nice set of controls and then got a bit too creative with the title Expanded Normal View Setup. Seems...

    0 1,038

    Started by Shiiko

  • Error while deleting an event

    PB 5501 with indexing libraries Java 1.6.0_15 Vista-32bit I selected an event, then clicked the "Delete" button, then the event...

    2 1,118

    Started by Dryopithecus

  • Weird output.log

    Hi. Not that anything was wrong in PB, but I just stumbled upon this output.log which seems to indicate that PB is chasing its own tail. It happened...

    1 1,159

    Started by NorthFarm

  • Search and Replace Attachment Locations

    File - Utilities - Replace Attachment Locations Allows search and replace of attachment locations. I was trying this will a small test brain and...

    1 1,321

    Started by pshanks

  • Pasting outline - link to exisiting

    Ok, this locks up for me. I cannot paste an updated outline into an existing outline i pasted before. for example paste this first ...

    2 1,283

    Started by autoxracer

  • Indexing Libraries

    Every time I run the program a message popup (look attachment). After first message I download PB with indexing libraries, but the message...

    8 1,392

    Started by grave

  • Unzipping BrainZips does not work.

    Maybe its because I'm trying to open a 5.0 brain. PB shuts down when I try. Also there is some icons missing from the dialog box in the to right...

    6 1,400

    Started by NorthFarm

  • Capture Thought Icon

    Tried this feature and it caused my PB session to go into a funny limbo state that I couldn't seem to get out of. When I first clicked on the...

    0 1,330

    Started by tcahill

  • Virtual Thoughts - Icon

    Virtual Thought don't show up with the blue folder icon that PB5.0 has for them. They just show up as thoughts without the folder. Vista,...

    1 1,235

    Started by pshanks

  • Indexing Installer

    It seems that PB5.5 keeps asking to download the indexing installer even after a successful download and install of the installer. Somewhat...

    2 1,236

    Started by bmac

  • 5.5 Has Arrived

    Announcement is here: http://forums.thebrain.com/post?id=3605008

    0 1,385

    Started by Harlan

  • PersonalBrain 5.5

    Hi All, This new forum area is for the upcoming release of PersonalBrain 5.5 Beta which I will be posting more details on tomorrow . Best...

    23 3,318

    Started by Moe

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