• Sharing attachments to other apps

    I was surprised to learn this weekend that I couldn't share an attachment with other apps. The scenario: I had a solid LTE connection on my iPhone...

    3 467

    Started by danlandrum

  • Deleting single items in Inbox

    If you have multiple items in the inbox and delete one of them, all items will be deleted.

    5 594

    Started by zenrain

  • Note Buttons

    When I open the thought note, the buttons up at the top don't change if I'm in Edit mode or not. If I'm not in edit mode (just after going to the...

    1 590

    Started by zenrain

  • Did you know... Tags and Thought Types

    Quick tip for iOS (and probably Android users). Did you know you can add tags and thought types to thoughts in the iOS app? To do so, activate the...

    1 556

    Started by zenrain

  • Update for iPhone 6 and 6+

    Please update TheBrain for the latest iPhones. I own the 6+ and the plex, keyboard and toolbar scale up rather than taking advantage of the new...

    1 607

    Started by zenrain

  • Icons for Thoughts with Notes, please!!!

    Well, this is just starting version, and I hope it will grow and develop closer to its the desktop variant (of course, off-line storage is the most...

    1 647

    Started by leolit

  • iOS 8 Extensions

    Are there plans to create an app extension for creating new thoughts for iOS 8? This would be much better than the current way (bookmark), and...

    2 910

    Started by zenrain

  • New Climate Brain designed for iOS access

    I've started a thread in the Brain Uses Forum on our new Climate Change Brain (CliMit Insights). We've designed it for iOS access as well, so please...

    2 818

    Started by mctrexler

  • Searching Thoughts with the same name. Feature request

    I guess this is a feature request: When you have a number of Thoughts with identical names searching for them either on a general search or when...

    7 1,049

    Started by purdisc

  • General Feedback

    I've had a bit more time to play with this now and first want to say very well done. It's easy to use, the buttons are minimal but let you know what...

    14 1,483

    Started by zenrain

  • Android version without types, tags and icon library??

    I just have seen the new videos in the YouTube channel about the coming Android version. What I was not seeing, were setting types, tags and icons...

    3 989

    Started by GerSch

  • Search - Feedback

    When searching on a slow connection it is never clear to me if TheBrain is not finding any corresponding thoughts or if the search is still being...

    2 746

    Started by andreas

  • Expanded View Support

    Please implement expanded view support for IOS and cloud version.

    1 776

    Started by digitecture

  • TheBrain on older iPod Touch / Android version ETA and feature parity with iOS

    I really want TheBrain on mobile so I can use it locally and than sync up later. Basically to replace a leather 3x5 card wallet / pen I use now -...

    1 812

    Started by danjcla

  • Scrolling Tip

    Not sure if this was in the latest update, or has always been the case. When there are a lot of thoughts on the screen, a scrollbar appears. I've...

    3 899

    Started by zenrain

  • Notes: linefeeds in list possible?

    On the PC, notes can have a format like this: Is this possible on iOS devices? Martin

    5 849

    Started by mnolte

  • Waiting to Open

    When TheBrain app hasn't been opened for a while, or if you've quit the app, when you re-open several things happen: There's TheBrain symbol that...

    2 845

    Started by zenrain

  • Top of the Note

    It would be nice if you could tap the top bar to get back to the top of a note. This is primarily for the iPhone, as the iPad shares the menu bar...

    2 787

    Started by zenrain

  • long thought names on iPhone

    I have a thought with 13 children. In landscape mode only the first 5 or 6 letters of the children's thought names are visible, 9 or 10 when there is...

    7 966

    Started by mnolte

  • Wander feature

    It would be great to have the brain wander like the desktop… That is one of my favorite features.

    3 822

    Started by levitz

  • Bug Report

    Well done. Truly is a nice application with a user friendly GUI. I look forward to seeing it grow and taking advantage of its potential. I have an...

    2 757

    Started by DoeJoe

  • Thoughts with multiple attachments

    This is a weird one. When you have a thought with multiple attachments, if you start TheBrain, go to that thought and click the paperclip the...

    6 819

    Started by zenrain

  • tags

    Any chance of creating/removing tags in the iOS version? (Or did I miss how to do that?)

    1 689

    Started by dhaney

  • Dock

    Hey, look what made it into my dock...

    1 656

    Started by zenrain

  • Search on IOS

    So Search on ISO can find a thought but not a phrase in an embedded pdf file. Desktop can find both. So when will indexing be sent to iPad with...

    2 661

    Started by Hbrooks2

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