• Wander feature

    It would be great to have the brain wander like the desktop… That is one of my favorite features.

    3 821

    Started by levitz

  • Bug Report

    Well done. Truly is a nice application with a user friendly GUI. I look forward to seeing it grow and taking advantage of its potential. I have an...

    2 756

    Started by DoeJoe

  • Thoughts with multiple attachments

    This is a weird one. When you have a thought with multiple attachments, if you start TheBrain, go to that thought and click the paperclip the...

    6 818

    Started by zenrain

  • tags

    Any chance of creating/removing tags in the iOS version? (Or did I miss how to do that?)

    1 686

    Started by dhaney

  • Dock

    Hey, look what made it into my dock...

    1 655

    Started by zenrain

  • Search on IOS

    So Search on ISO can find a thought but not a phrase in an embedded pdf file. Desktop can find both. So when will indexing be sent to iPad with...

    2 657

    Started by Hbrooks2

  • Lets talk security?

    I can't seem to find any information on security. 1) How secure is the information stored on cloud server. Is encryption implemented? 2) If not is...

    4 801

    Started by DoeJoe

  • Note Text in Landscape View (iPad)

    The note text in portrait view doesn't wrap/adjust based on the size of the note area, so the text goes off the screen.

    4 623

    Started by zenrain

  • TheBrain for iOS Now Available Worldwide

    TheBrain for iOS is now available worldwide on the app store at: https://itunes.apple.com/app/thebrain-for-ios/id835873357 ...

    2 689

    Started by ShelleyHayduk

  • Feature Request - Create New Thoughts From the Inbox

    First, great job and congratulations on the release. My first feature request Currently we can add bookmarks from the inbox to existing thoughts...

    0 831

    Started by zenrain

  • Available Now in Canada and Everywhere Soon

    TheBrain for iOS is now available from the Canadian App Store! More information is available here: http://www.thebrain.com/products/ios TheBrain...

    2 837

    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain iOS: notes icon

    Sorry, I'm not from Canada, so now just watching your youtube clips ) Am I right than it can't be evident if the thought has the Note it it until...

    3 729

    Started by leolit

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