• bug report: excess spaces in imported notes

    Notes imported from a PB3 brain have excess space characters in front and the end of most lines. version: on OS-X Wouter VdB

    0 1,490

    Started by wvdb

  • Importing Lists

    To make it easier to build abrain it would be nice to be able to import a list. A list of items in a column could be imported into PB and these items...

    3 1,570

    Started by Ray

  • Spidering Web sites

    The ability to build a Brain by spidering a web site was very handy to build a Brain. This is a feature I used regularly in version 3 but have not...

    1 1,397

    Started by Ray

  • performance: hardware maximums, dev boxes

    Hi, In this beta run, it's been hard to look back at PB3 and not use PB4 regularly. I thought I would just make a small brain to house my beta...

    1 1,364

    Started by quipu18

  • using PB4 with win98SE

    Hi everyone. PB4 is a great software. I am using it at home and it works great on 2Ghz PC with win2000 pro. But at work using win98SE...

    1 1,446

    Started by Carnevale

  • Office security

    At my office the IT people restricts the use of our computers. We just can not install anything without authorization and having them do the...

    1 1,388

    Started by Errol

  • PB4 beta observation, feedback :suggestion

    First off, I have been using brain since version 1.7. TheBrain is so much more than an Explorer replacement and I am really excited that thebrain4...

    1 1,576

    Started by hock


    Here's a link to the Personal Brain Yahoo Group messages since the dawn of PB Mach4, sorted by thread

    0 1,679

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Thought Activity logging?

    Thanks for the creating this forum; now the 2 yahoo groups and thebrain can come together and collaborate I noticed on the feature list...

    1 1,421

    Started by quipu18

  • Version

    Version is up now and includes the following changes: Mac OS X: Install process simplified - just drag the icon where you...

    4 1,535

    Started by Harlan

  • Thanks for your help

    Just a quick note to say thank-you to everyone for your help with the beta so far. It's been really great to be able to get feedback so quickly from...

    0 1,303

    Started by Harlan

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