• how to insert images in the notes ?

    Hello I'm using PB 4.5.1 and 5 I don't know how to paste images in notes ! if somebody could explain it to me it will help ! thanks in...

    2 1,561

    Started by coustoulin

  • OMG Graphics Paste Fixed

    Since 4.x whatever there have been certain graphics that pasted into a notes page as a black square so I've been pasting them into Paint, copying...

    2 1,366

    Started by crbnblu

  • ftp synchronization

    Sorry to be repetitive, but I'm wanting to use ftp to keep my project files in sync between different locations. I'm using ftp directory...

    2 1,371

    Started by tcahill

  • Flow

    Good afternoon, I needed/liked/wished to represent a flow in the plex. Because TheBrain does not implement anything (except...

    5 2,661

    Started by FransJehoul

  • Personal Brain better than OneNote? Not!

    I just downloaded PB to a Mac I'm using because I can't find a version of OneNote that runs on OSX. I was hooked by the claim on a google result that...

    11 8,275

    Started by YiamCross

  • Structuring knowledge: types, supertypes, keywords, Labels

    Perhaps this forum is the right place to start detailing strategies for making the best use of the metadata capabilities built into PB. So begin...

    22 9,434

    Started by tcahill

  • Information management strategies

    Hi. Here is my problem: I receive allot of good information via email from a number of sources where I have opted-in. I have whittled the...

    12 6,751

    Started by Shiiko

  • Search Web

    The documentation doesn't really do justtice to the Search Web function, which I think is amazing. There are about a dozen places I go to quite...

    0 2,599

    Started by crbnblu

  • PDF Management - How do you use it

    All, I have quite a few PDFs that contain multiple articles (for instance a copy of the Scientific American). Within my brain I want to link...

    2 1,857

    Started by sjeeke

  • Social Sites and PB Demo.

    Here is a "first take" of a Personal Brain Demo that I posted to Seesmic. Since I can't embed the video here is the link: ...

    1 1,427

    Started by DavidH

  • writing a novel

    I've found the brain an invaluable tool in aiding me with my novel writing. I've got a template that I designed that you can take a look at to see...

    2 2,204

    Started by iceheartx

  • Big Thinker Event on October 23rd!

    Join us for this special event! Connecting the Dots between Medical Research, New Ide as, Innovation and Venture Capital. ...

    0 1,461

    Started by Tracy

  • My types

    Good afternoon, I have build a type tree because i can see/use/.... the usage of colors the usage of icons super type-type relationship...

    0 1,560

    Started by FransJehoul

  • Knowledge Driven Project Management

    Check out our latest blog post for anyone interested in using PersonalBrain for Project Management From Ideas to Action, Using...

    0 1,673

    Started by Tracy

  • TheBrain Blog: From Ideas to Action

    For those who have not seen this blog article on Project Management and PB: http://blog.thebrain.com/from-ideas-to-action/ Good comment by...

    0 1,466

    Started by jostber

  • PB as an Electronic Document Management System

    I came across this interesting article which includes some guidelines for an effective Electronic Ddocument Management System (EDM). As well as...

    7 2,820

    Started by zenrain

  • Meme map

    Hi, Wanted to start a long-term discussion regarding the creation of meme maps using PB. Don't have much information regarding the subject but I...

    7 3,656

    Started by Shiiko

  • Files path

    Hi, We have a path with several executables. Each one of them should be able to start and look at another forlder for the data involved. eg. File A...

    3 1,685

    Started by dgleduc

  • Mathmatical notation

    In an effort to improve my attempts to comprehend Roger Penrose' "The Road To Reality", I started transcribing my notes into PB's note...

    6 2,495

    Started by tcahill

  • Geneology

    I have my family geneology mapped back to the 1500s in PB. With version 4's alternate layout, I am experimenting with long family tree views (in the...

    7 2,470

    Started by tcahill

  • KIRA: A Female Brain for a Male Body

    The only time I've posted on this forum was to complain about the update from PB3, which I loved, to PB4. I didn't take the initial transition...

    4 2,220

    Started by jataylor

  • PB and MS InfoPath

    Has anyone tried integrating Microsoft's Infopath into their brain? I'm wondering if this could be a way of implementing more 'attributes' into my...

    0 1,365

    Started by twospoons

  • Travel & Project Planning Brain

    We have an upcoming web seminar on Tuesday July 22nd at 11:00am Pacific time which will show you how to use PersonalBrain to map out your summer...

    0 1,459

    Started by Tracy

  • Pastoral Ministry Uses

    I am a pastor of a small church in Wisconsin and am wondering if anyone is using TheBrain in ministry related work and how. Examples or samples would...

    6 1,741

    Started by sdbpastor

  • Wallpaper links

    I ran across some really cool Wallpaper that looks fantastic on my Brain and thought it might be fun to have a thread for links. ...

    1 1,371

    Started by steve625

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