• WeBrain?

    Is the webrain site ever going to be updated to PB4? -- Josef

    2 1,785

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • export problem

    I want to put my brain online. when i export, it just opens up a browser linking to a file on my laptop. not sure what i need to do. activity window...

    4 2,296

    Started by kevindoylejones

  • Delivering to Clients

    I am a consultant, and frequently have to send conceptually complex deliverables to clients. The Brain is great for this! I am able to create a...

    0 1,741

    Started by ironsignbob

  • Contact management

    Hi all, I use PB4 mainly for contact management. Thought I would share my setup. Thought types (different colours): Project - a major initiative I...

    3 2,957

    Started by ma1lsort

  • Report preview

    Part of my job is designing crystal reports. With the new PB feature of the thought icon zoom I can create a thought for the report design, attach...

    0 1,841

    Started by zenrain

  • Insert Object ... in notes

    Hi gents, I've been experiencing PB4 for a month. A feature I strongly miss is the Insert Object capability, already available in PB3 notes...

    9 2,649

    Started by Netsaver

  • User guide

    Good morning, instead of making a 'User Guide' in PDF format, isn't it logical to make a "Brain"-guide? Regards, Frans

    0 1,778

    Started by FransJehoul

  • Matt's PersonalBrain on YouTube

    For anyone that may be interested in seeing or sharing a quick demonstration of PersonalBrain, I've posted a tour of my own Brain file on...

    0 2,249

    Started by mcaton

  • Law Enforcement - Investigation Computer Aid

    I'm IT consultant for law enforcement agencies in different countries around the world. There are few companies leading the market of software...

    2 2,808

    Started by capodieci

  • Thought Types

    could some one give me some ideas on what i can label my "Thought types" as? thanks noobe PB user

    3 2,951

    Started by scoutee

  • Using it for research +

    Hi, I use it to manage reasearch and to create visual structures of things that may otherwise be abstract if not diagrammed. used it to create an...

    1 2,199

    Started by mimoemo

  • My uses of Personal Brain

    I have only one brain which with I manage nearly all important tasks and strategic datas : It is composed of few big sections under root...

    0 2,263

    Started by Jeanluc

  • THEORY; universal exchangeable object- en relation (LINK) TYPES

    Something about universal exchangeable (relation) LINK TYPES The project defines Gellish English, a system...

    0 2,075

    Started by Adathome

  • Connectivity scheme

    I'm trying to work up a complex scheme for a home theater system I'm building this week. With the old adage "Give a fellow a hammer and he'll...

    2 2,450

    Started by tcahill

  • Using TheBrain for IT management and Helpdesk Support

    Everyone, Whether you are using PersonalBrain or BrainEKP, if you have the time sign up for our Web Seminar next week on using TheBrain for IT...

    0 2,022

    Started by ShelleyHayduk

  • Business (re)organization

    I have used PB to map my business organizational structure. I have found it very useful to keep track of all those ad-hoc inter-relationships.

    4 2,869

    Started by tcahill

  • Group presentations

    Although I have made extensive preparations to actually use PB (Including the use of thought graphics and timing of thought animation) as the...

    3 2,373

    Started by tcahill

  • Historical events

    Just signed up for the PB4 beta, although I've used older versions in the past. I'm very interested in history, and lately I've been thinking...

    1 1,976

    Started by ArchCarrier

  • Document creation

    With practice, PB becomes a wonderful tool for outlining and elaborating all kinds of documents. I've even used it to send (as a brain file) an...

    2 2,120

    Started by tcahill

  • Sorting out a logical argument

    There have been times when I've been so overwhelmed by a series of assertions that I've used PB to map out the logic. The result has prevented me...

    0 1,773

    Started by tcahill

  • Database documentation

    Personal Brain is a wonderful tool for mapping database relationships. I've found it indispensible for troubleshooting complex chains of queries,...

    4 2,163

    Started by tcahill

  • Project planning and documentation

    Some client relationships have grown incredibly complicated. In those instances, PB has been indispensable in helping me maintain an overview of...

    2 2,010

    Started by tcahill

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