• Group presentations

    Although I have made extensive preparations to actually use PB (Including the use of thought graphics and timing of thought animation) as the...

    3 2,373

    Started by tcahill

  • Historical events

    Just signed up for the PB4 beta, although I've used older versions in the past. I'm very interested in history, and lately I've been thinking...

    1 1,976

    Started by ArchCarrier

  • Document creation

    With practice, PB becomes a wonderful tool for outlining and elaborating all kinds of documents. I've even used it to send (as a brain file) an...

    2 2,120

    Started by tcahill

  • Sorting out a logical argument

    There have been times when I've been so overwhelmed by a series of assertions that I've used PB to map out the logic. The result has prevented me...

    0 1,774

    Started by tcahill

  • Database documentation

    Personal Brain is a wonderful tool for mapping database relationships. I've found it indispensible for troubleshooting complex chains of queries,...

    4 2,166

    Started by tcahill

  • Project planning and documentation

    Some client relationships have grown incredibly complicated. In those instances, PB has been indispensable in helping me maintain an overview of...

    2 2,011

    Started by tcahill

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