• Interview of Shelley and Harlan

    by Harlan: The full interview of Shelley and I by Eric Mack is now available on his site. Lots of discussion about TheBrain in general, plus specific...

    0 1,927

    Started by Harlan

  • Cannot access website

    by ludoal: Hi, It has been 2 days since I cannot navigate http://www.thebrain.com. I always get "the page you are trying to access does not...

    8 2,216

    Started by ludoal

  • New Message Board

    by Support: Welcome to the new message board for TheBrain technologies. Please use this topic to send us your feedback and suggestions for how we can...

    2 1,864

    Started by Support

  • New RSS Feed

    by Support: Just in case you don't look up... We have added an RSS feed to forums. Hopefully this will help for folks who have been asking for the...

    2 1,646

    Started by Support

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