• Brains not displaying on web

    Hi I have been unable to view certain brains on the web for sometime now with both my computers, specifically the ones on the ...

    7 2,076

    Started by Spacenexus

  • research on tip-of-the-tongue forgetting

    Thought Brainiacs would find this article interesting: http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2008/06/01/whats_that_name/?page=full ---...

    1 1,692

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Recording of James Burke's Webinar

    Is there a recording of the May 22 webinar with James Burke? I love him!

    4 2,107

    Started by Leslieinva

  • Forum topics

    It seems like when I log into the forum from different computers (my home and work), it doesn't retain which posts are new correctly. I'm assuming...

    0 1,757

    Started by zenrain

  • "Exclude Thoughts with Other Parents" - Well done and thank you!

    In doing some work and adding thoughts to my brain, I noticed the "Exclude Thoughts with other parents" checkbox in the "Crawl brain...

    0 1,874

    Started by agnor

  • Can TheBrain improve on PivotTables?

    This is no doubt an elementary question. I've arrived at TheBrain because i'm trying to find an elegant solution for some colleagues in a community...

    2 2,055

    Started by jpprice

  • PB corruption

    I'm have a corrupted PB DB and not getting anywhere with support. Anyone else having a problem where in the output.log it shows that the root...

    1 1,858

    Started by arywillis

  • Corrupt thought file

    I was an early user of PersonalBrain and used to store a lot of information my digital brain. I had back ups of my brains on CD-ROM (just burned the...

    1 1,827

    Started by emzett

  • Brain for new features

    It would be really nice to access a brain on suggested and new features for PB Pro. I see this as a compilation of the suggestions from the forums...

    0 1,764

    Started by jwilson

  • Recorded Webinars?

    Unfortunately, I hadn't seen the announcement for yesterdays webinar with Harlan until now - too late. Well, for that reason and also because of...

    4 2,039

    Started by mbaas

  • Infinite Brain

    Slightly off topic here but i thought this would be a useful pointer for community members concerned about their brains growing out of control. ...

    10 2,459

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Purchasing poroblem

    Hi, I wanted to purchase the PB Core... but an error occurs in the online form… The following errors occurred: ...

    0 1,560

    Started by SanZo

  • Webinar

    Mindmanager has webinars that include sound and the sessions are stored on their website for later viewing. Since there is a lot of info given on...

    6 2,171

    Started by davidsalazarii

  • database app UI?

    I'm wondering if TheBrain technology can be utilized within a database application UI - for navigation i.e. as an alternative to 'tree controls', or...

    2 1,847

    Started by dbdiva

  • Email Subscriptions to Forums

    Everyone, A new feature on the forums is now available to get email updates whenever new messages are posted to one of the forums. To use it, click...

    0 1,778

    Started by Harlan

  • Programmers Wanted

    TheBrain is hiring engineers now. If you are a Java programmer and live in the Los Angeles area, please contact bsenn@thebrain.com with your resume...

    0 2,178

    Started by Harlan

  • Brain SDK

    Hi there... How do I get the Brain SDK? Is there a way to get it? Thanks...

    3 3,783

    Started by yan0

  • Problems with forum

    Hello-- A couple of frustrations with the forum on a Mac: - It has a restricted width requiring use of horizontal scroll bars to read messages....

    2 2,153

    Started by stanhoffman

  • Task management tool

    This is an exceptional tool for the type of folk who are PB users, especially considering PB4 linking capabilities with Outlook. Taskline ( ...

    0 4,305

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Cool interface for future PB4 use

    Folks Check this out - awesome opportunities with PB4 in expanded view... http://www.ted.com/index.php/talks/view/id/65 First PB4 user to get...

    4 2,738

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Message Board Rethought

    Hello Everyone, We've added new categories to help organize the discussions here. We've setup 3 new areas for all of the threads that were...

    0 1,726

    Started by ShelleyHayduk

  • How big is the brain?

    Apologies if the answer is out there, I have looked possibly in wrong place. Essentially, I am wondering what the limit is to the number of thoughts...

    3 2,694

    Started by Wyndham

  • Interview of Shelley and Harlan

    The full interview of Shelley and I by Eric Mack is now available on his site. Lots of discussion about TheBrain in general, plus specific...

    0 1,929

    Started by Harlan

  • Cannot access website

    Hi, It has been 2 days since I cannot navigate http://www.thebrain.com. I always get "the page you are trying to access does not...

    8 2,221

    Started by ludoal

  • New Message Board

    Welcome to the new message board for TheBrain technologies. Please use this topic to send us your feedback and suggestions for how we can...

    2 1,865

    Started by Support

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