Just downloaded the latest version and it hangs on startup every time. Have dowloaded it twice now. I replaced the earlier version (like an...

    2 1,730

    Started by seamus

  • bug report: new vesion message

    Hi, Each time I open the Mac beta version (PersonalBrain_macos_4_0_2_7a) I get an update message. The site seems to guide me to a 4.0.3 version...

    1 1,519

    Started by JorisFunn

  • PB Mac licensing?

    Hi! With the beta of PB for Mac i'm starting to use this tool extensively, however the beta has a limited evaluation period. If i wish to continue...

    4 1,841

    Started by Quorcork

  • Linking to folders?

    Hi! I started using file & URL linking in version and found that files and URLs are can be stored as links but folders are always moved...

    2 1,871

    Started by Quorcork

  • bug: making parent from parent gate of active thought

    PB 4.0.27 Java 1.5.0_0.7 Macbook running OS10.4.8 I can't reproduce consistently but occasionally when I try to create a parent thought by click...

    0 1,562

    Started by quipu18

  • PC to Mac

    Just a point of interest for all the new Mac Brain users: If you are a long time user of PersonalBrain, y our existing 4.x PersonalBrain files...

    1 1,788

    Started by mcaton

  • PersonalBrain on Mac OS has arrived

    The highly anticipated version of PersonalBrain for Mac is finally out. Since the initial release (, several Mac specific fixes...

    0 1,382

    Started by Support

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