• Plex snaps shut - refuses drag-and-drop

    If it's not one thing it's another! My PB has become very erratic in accepting drag-and-drop when the plex is docked with auto-hide. Rebooting my...

    7 1,130

    Started by Houston

  • Revert to version 4.1.x

    How can I revert a brain file to version 4.1.x using V41DBBackup? Accidentally, I opened a file with and lost all foreign characters in my...

    0 1,068

    Started by rengel

  • Beta expires i 6 days?!?

    I'm getting warnings that the beta will expire in 6 days - will there be a new beta up before the expiration date? I guess that I cannot roll back...

    3 1,452

    Started by 121796232762

  • CPU Cycles

    Back in PB 4128 days - I noticed that after starting PB - computer would "hang" (mouse would stop - processes would slow - dialogue boxes...

    2 930

    Started by labische

  • Editor Color Button hidden

    If Notes Editor is not wide enough, the button for color background is hidden (like insert date time is) Since color button function is not...

    1 840

    Started by HanBav

  • Displaying Folder Contents

    I asked about this before, but didn;t notice any reply. In PB3, virtual folders created by dragging a folder from the desktop or explorer would...

    7 1,387

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Can't open brain

    When I try to open one of my brains, I get the message 'Recovering Brain ID', but the brain doesn't open; other brains open fine. When I click 'OK'...

    3 1,064

    Started by Wolfgang

  • Core Notes/Attachments Conflict

    History: Started with the standard Pro Tryout Download, purchased registered the Core version, subsequently I have downloaded and am using the...

    9 1,182

    Started by ChanurCousin

  • Folder for templates

    Could you move the folder used for templates inside brains data folder, or at least inside PB installation folder? For example, PB is installed in...

    5 1,678

    Started by Tommy

  • Ongoing Problem with spell check

    I posted this a while back, and got no replies. I'm having an ongoing problem with the spell check in that it frequently doesn't remember words from...

    4 1,032

    Started by Botanize

  • Linking to internal OneNote files

    I've been trying out the Brain for a few weeks and I'm pretty impressed. If I buy it, l will be using it primarily as a front end to OneNote. ...

    1 1,037

    Started by Dusty

  • output.log file is 4.6gb

    Hi, my laptop ran out of disk space and I found that the output.log file was 4.6gb. has anyone else had this problem. I'm running Core Edition 4 v...

    1 827

    Started by richardm

  • Cannot open brain

    Hi I restored my brain with a vista backup and restore and now get the following message Personal Brain 4 could not create or connect to the...

    6 1,115

    Started by Jadzia

  • Search URLs

    Even though I have PB set to index URLs, and it spent a long time supposedly creating the index, no search I have run turns up anything at all but...

    15 1,685

    Started by ChrisCase

  • 4132 asks for update to 4.2

    Hi there, after updating PB4131 to PB4132 and opening my brain PB4132 say that it cannot open the brain and I should update to PB4.2. With PB4131...

    3 1,035

    Started by ThorstenZ

  • Tools instability

    Today my Pro brain decided that the "tool" windows no longer needed any display options. The little square, the line and the...

    3 896

    Started by Houston

  • Problem creating new brain. Please help

    PB V-4207 When I create a new brain, the add attachment window pops open. and open . and open. Then I can't work on my brain. It keeps stopping...

    4 864

    Started by mcgilh

  • can not export for web...

    Hi, I have installed theBrain more than a moth ago, so the trial period has expired already. TheBrain is still working, as expected, but I can not...

    3 1,247

    Started by zoe75

  • Brainzip issues

    Yesterday, I used brainzip to transport a brain to my desktop. Upon opening the file, many of the notes in it had disappeared. I fixed them,...

    6 2,470

    Started by punkmonksf

  • Problems with the new Pro Edition

    Hi Guys, I have just bought the Pro Edition today and am having a series of problems that I would appreciate some help with. Before I start...

    10 1,452

    Started by anakon

  • Failure To Move/Copy HTML Files Correctly

    If you really want to burn up the man-hours try moving or copying a large collection of HTML documents into a Brain. Most HTML pages have an...

    1 889

    Started by Houston

  • Dangerous Moves

    Thinking that I would end the clutter on my desktop I selected a large group of desktop icons and moved them (Ctrl-Shift-Drag) into a Brain where I...

    2 831

    Started by Houston

  • Screen refresh degrades until exit from

    This only started after upgrading to Following about six hours of PB run time - running in the background, not necessarily using it...

    3 875

    Started by gsbessin

  • Type reorganization leads to loss 4132

    Hi, Don't really know what happened but as I was reorganizing my thought types, because the display does not show types below the bottom of the...

    3 843

    Started by Shiiko

  • - Creating Child/Parent/Jump without focus

    Hi there, after updating to the new release Pro I've the following problem: - creating Child/Parent/Jump (keyboard or mouse) - Input Window...

    3 1,048

    Started by ThorstenZ

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