• Any ideas on Leopard Compatibility?

    Was wondering if any of your marvelous Brain folks managed to test run PB on Leopard and if there are any issues to be aware of before I...

    1 914

    Started by punkmonksf

  • Toolbar on USB-drive

    Hello all, Long time since last posting! 1. A small annoyance: The toolbar setting (on or off) changes when changing computers. Is the settings...

    2 1,100

    Started by Axla

  • Sitebrain and Opera

    A friend who uses Opera informs me that my Sitebrain simply will not display in Opera.... Is tghere any advice I can give him?

    7 1,015

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Reversed Personal Names with Same Surname

    In my newly upgraded PB4Core, I stumbled on a strange occurrance that I never noticed while using PB3.2 (although I may not have ever attempted to do...

    2 835

    Started by ChanurCousin

  • Spelling


    1 837

    Started by rengel

  • More export problems

    Something -- I don't know what -- went wrong during a Sitebrain export, and the folder for ThoughtData is empty. If I try again to export, PB ...

    1 931

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Save locations

    I am evaluating the pro version. I find it very useful except that there seems to be no option for specifying the save location. It defaults to My...

    2 969

    Started by AndyRawlins

  • Brain 3->4 Conversion Program Bug?

    I have been a PersonalBrain (currently 3.02 Mar 1, 2004) user for many years, since the early 3.0 betas. I recently learned of the 4.0 upgrade, and...

    4 1,015

    Started by ChanurCousin

  • Let's play 'Catching the icon'

    This one is a real nuisance, a bug in the UI: Long thought names in the plex or in the pin up bar are shortened. OK. But if I try to click on the...

    5 1,009

    Started by rengel

  • PB on a usb key - registration settings

    I have PB installed on my USB key. When I open it from the computer on which PB is also installed locally, PB on my usb key works fine. ...

    3 999

    Started by Tommy

  • activating PB4 Core

    I was wondering if anyone is having issues with activating their PB4 free to PB4 core. I am able to get all the way to the activation download...

    1 953

    Started by scoutee

  • Sitebrain Problem Persists

    As far as I can see, whatever bug it is that causes some thoughts to fail to display in the exported Sitebrain has not been fixed. There seems no...

    8 1,098

    Started by ChrisCase

  • 2 issues

    Personal Brain, OS X 10.4.9, Java 1.5.0_07 Every time I launch Personal Brain it also launches Azureus. Once it's launched, every time I...

    2 1,277

    Started by marcus

  • Searching PDFs

    Version of PersonalBrain: Pro Trial OS (Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS, Ubuntu, etcetera) Windows XP Pro Java version (it's shown in the PB about...

    6 1,144

    Started by jbthebrainuser

  • Install on V4 just hangs - won't run. (V3 ok)

    I am desperately trying to upgrade to v4 of this product (which I love.) But after installing the proper Java version and running the product...

    3 862

    Started by ThomasHoff

  • Dynamic menues - og bug?

    I installed Brain a few days ago, and apart from the missing undo function I like it. However, there's one thing I don't understand. ...

    1 887

    Started by Telemark

  • PB goes wild

    PB has become unusable for me for some strange reason. When loaded, it keeps popping up the Advanced Search window without my doing anything to...

    2 912

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Disappearing code in Notes

    It continues to be the case, even in the latest version, that the only way to be sure that code entered into Notes will not disappear as soon as one...

    6 978

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Note image issue 2

    This is how to reproduce the issue: 1) Create 2 thoughts: "A" and "B" 2) Paste an image to the note of "A", and press...

    3 984

    Started by Dryopithecus

  • Note image ISSUE

    PB Pro with Indexing Libraries Java 1.6.0 (J-1.6.0_02) Window Vista 32-bit (sorry for my English) Honestly, I'm quite worry about the...

    6 1,189

    Started by Dryopithecus

  • reboot causes loss of unsaved note

    Using PB Adding some text to a pre-existing note and then restarting windows shows that the autosave of the note is bypassed. I...

    2 921

    Started by fractaleater

  • Brain freezes

    Hi, My Brain freezes, when I try to change the properties of links between two thoughts. Please help, Tom

    1 1,071

    Started by Tom

  • Notes .css

    Some .css settings are not honored in notes. What I've found so far: ol, ul color declarations are ignored, it always uses black. Also, the fixed...

    1 1,051

    Started by zenrain

  • Code in Notes

    This problem of code entered into the HTML view of Notes disappearing as soon as one navigates away from the thought has never been solved or even...

    4 947

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Plex Display

    Is it considered an improvement that the plex no longer adjusts itself to fit in a resized window? The main PB window must be more than half the...

    3 990

    Started by ChrisCase

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