• Note image ISSUE

    PB Pro with Indexing Libraries Java 1.6.0 (J-1.6.0_02) Window Vista 32-bit (sorry for my English) Honestly, I'm quite worry about the...

    6 1,189

    Started by Dryopithecus

  • reboot causes loss of unsaved note

    Using PB Adding some text to a pre-existing note and then restarting windows shows that the autosave of the note is bypassed. I...

    2 921

    Started by fractaleater

  • Brain freezes

    Hi, My Brain freezes, when I try to change the properties of links between two thoughts. Please help, Tom

    1 1,071

    Started by Tom

  • Notes .css

    Some .css settings are not honored in notes. What I've found so far: ol, ul color declarations are ignored, it always uses black. Also, the fixed...

    1 1,051

    Started by zenrain

  • Code in Notes

    This problem of code entered into the HTML view of Notes disappearing as soon as one navigates away from the thought has never been solved or even...

    4 947

    Started by ChrisCase

  • Plex Display

    Is it considered an improvement that the plex no longer adjusts itself to fit in a resized window? The main PB window must be more than half the...

    3 990

    Started by ChrisCase

  • compacting the brain

    When I split my large brain into two (copied / renamed 1 / then forget the relevant pieces in each brain) I wanted to compact to reduce space. Is...

    7 1,055

    Started by BillSchneider

  • Spelling option

    Hi, Great programm! One little issue: As a German user I deactivate the spelling. But every time I start the Brain it is switched on again. With kind...

    2 993

    Started by Tom

  • Press Enter key cause the next attachment opened

    A small bug: In P A, when an attachment is selected, press "Enter" key will cause the next attachment opened. Regards, Yang PB...

    2 845

    Started by Dryopithecus

  • blank pause when in hideaway

    PB pro 4109 winxp java 1.6 Occassionly when I click the brain icon in hideaway mode, the window opens but only the window title is showing and its...

    1 839

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Problem with resizing SiteBrain IE window

    I am having a problem where after I exported a SiteBrain and when I view it in internet explorer, with the window maximized, there is no problem. ...

    8 1,141

    Started by Finn

  • HTML vs Quirk

    I see that the latest Sitebrain export function is said to use HTML for layout instead of Quirk mode. What difference does this make?

    1 903

    Started by ChrisCase

  • minor favicon issue

    V4.1.0.8 When I attach a url link to OneNote 2007 - OneNote:/// - a firefox (default browser) favicon, rather than a OneNote 2007 favicon is...

    1 875

    Started by igoldsmid

  • deleted types still show on mouseover

    I just deleted a number of types. Then for a thought that had a type that was just deleted, mouseover of the thought still showed the deleted type -...

    1 800

    Started by igoldsmid

  • Sitebrain

    I'm really disappointed that after all the time and work I've put into making a website with PB4 I am not able to announce it publicly, and those...

    5 1,001

    Started by ChrisCase

  • 4090trial _ "Select Content" not available

    The "Select Content" dialog box (or menu entry), NEVER appears. Tried it with the "click active Thought to open/create" box...

    2 1,050

    Started by r1uoh1vg3u

  • "Following Events are Past Due" after Eval of Pro (now on Core)

    Every time I open Brain , I get prompted "the following events are past due and have not been completed." This is because I tested the...

    1 1,121

    Started by kimono

  • Problem with entering events

    It seems that if you enter an event for today and then enter an event for tomorrow the dates are transposed. or is it me?

    5 1,003

    Started by PNM

  • Reports-Sort

    Not a big one, but just noticed the drop down doesn't line up exactly right... v4.1.0.6

    3 1,326

    Started by twospoons

  • Lotus Notes links still not working

    Lotus Notes links were working fine with PB3, so it would be nice to be able to add them to PB4 too... Could you please add this feature in one of...

    4 4,692

    Started by Tommy

  • Printing Notes with national characters

    When printing Notes with national characters (here Swedish) this characters don't print properly. See attachment. First image is the printed notes,...

    6 1,068

    Started by powerhawk

  • Centered Text Import "Glitch"

    Below is a copy of a post I made to the Beta forum re importing PB3 Note files. I only have a problem with centered text. Is there any chance that...

    6 1,344

    Started by acant05

  • 4078 - Error in report results?

    Hi there I have a sneaky suspicion that reports on PB4 are assuming midday as the start of a day. To confirm, do a created since search, pick a day...

    3 1,110

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Version Indexing Problems

    I am still experiencing indexing problems with the latest build. I've created a linked attachment to a Word document (a book catalogue), but am...

    9 1,659

    Started by Resurgam

  • note integrity

    I updated one note and now I have two versions of that note - updated version I can see just in search result window. Note windows is in previous...

    1 1,349

    Started by aa

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