I have a problem with ESP: I love the idea! But unfortunately it doesn't always work. For example, I have a thought "Haus" and ESP always...

    6 1,104

    Started by mbaas

  • Option: Create sibling

    I think the ability to add thought and make it a sibling of the current one might add a small efficiency-gain. Of course there is the possibly very...

    1 969

    Started by mbaas

  • Primitive Import-Function?!

    It would be so cool to have an import-function which would allow me to add to existing thoughts. Even a very primitive CSV-Interface...

    7 1,103

    Started by mbaas

  • Performance increase - not here...

    Hi there, strangely the performance has decreased for me when I upgraded from 4073 to 4075. I am now experiencing the exact same issue I was...

    2 870

    Started by frankbusch

  • Autoselect New thought

    Maybe there is a way and I don't see it but... when I create a new thought I usually want to have it be the active thought immedicatley.(usually want...

    5 1,124

    Started by BHurd

  • Linking (TheBrain for TecDoc)

    I am thinking about using TB for my internal developer's doc. When looking at different areas of the doc (functions,variables), they have various...

    8 1,182

    Started by mbaas

  • PB does not auto hide when creating new thoughts

    Halan, When creating a new thought, and when the New Thought mini-window is displayed, PB4 does not auto-hide, meaning one can not look up spelling...

    1 908

    Started by hock

  • short time delay on create/edit thoughts

    Hi, when I create a new thought or edit an existing one the text entry hangs (almost) each time for some seconds in between. Same effect within the...

    9 1,107

    Started by Kriggel23

  • Context

    Hi, Is there a way of making PersonalBrain automatically switch directly to the Thought that you've just created? When you add a thought - it seems...

    1 1,161

    Started by Andy

  • Search-Dialog

    I actually wanted to discuss a request to get an alphabetical index of thoughts (and possibly even ALL words from fulltext). And then I happened to...

    7 1,195

    Started by mbaas

  • Feature Request?: create link to existing thought

    Version 3 had a feature that was near and dear to klutzes like me: When I was in a hurry to make a link, I'd drag and start typing the name of the...

    2 963

    Started by tcahill

  • feature request - replace weblink like images

    When we copy an image to paste to a thought, it asks us if we want to overwrite the existing image. When we copy a web url to paste to a thought, it...

    1 941

    Started by asexymind

  • icons from thoughts on web export

    I want to learn how to put icons into my thoughts on web export. Mine look like this: http://RationalSpirituality.com/SEEbrain and I want them...

    1 1,090

    Started by asexymind

  • can you move thoughts from one brain to another?

    I have a brain that has thoughts with icons and links, and I want those thoughts/structure/icons/links in a different brain. Is it possible to move...

    3 1,033

    Started by asexymind

  • Releasing Icons

    I was looking for finding some icons to use for different categories such as you have in your documentation. Would it be possible to release those...

    7 1,289

    Started by yuryg

  • PersonalBrain 4 Latest Beta Release

    PersonalBrain 4 is currently in private beta. To sign up for the beta and download the latest version, go to: ...

    2 2,382

    Started by Support

  • Add autohide to tool windows

    Tools are exposed but then when they do their job you want them out of the way, like autohide of PB. Add this to tool windows so that when the plex...

    1 1,136

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Attachment

    I select this attachment button, the windows does not open. Any idea why and how to correct this. Or is it a bug ? Thank to all

    25 2,272

    Started by Jacques

  • Export XHTML instead of HTML

    The html templates supplied in the PB4\res\export directory are not valid XHTML, which makes them a real pain to use with an XML editor. The...

    1 1,221

    Started by LSelock

  • 4074 - D&D to make jumps or parents?

    PB I am in the Normal View mode. I drag a URL from browser to create a jump or parent thought, can't. The new thought can only be created...

    2 1,288

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • searched word spacing

    A small item: in the search pannel the searched word includes an additional space after the second letter. When searching "test" the...

    1 1,001

    Started by Shiiko

  • Plugin API?

    There are some features i'd like to have in PB (for example encrypted thoughts, links to rss feeds, etc). Maybe publishing a plugin API and...

    1 1,076

    Started by spu7nic

  • Faster access to past activated thoughts?

    Scenario: I want to revisit a web site or activate an app again. There is no quick way to do this. The past thought list does not show recent...

    1 982

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Follow-up on search filter thread

    I was reading this thread http://forums.thebrain.com/tool/post/thebrain/vpost?id=1743375 highlight=synonym and I wanted to add a bit on it. 1st...

    2 1,251

    Started by jackeric

  • add a task checkbox in tough?

    My request is about an addition of a check box that can be marked in the tough for better task management. Also for the extra mile, if this can be...

    5 1,258

    Started by mazzorca

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