• feature request: open brain in new window

    The brain buttons are great, but opening a new brain closes the existing brain. Can we have a right click on the button that allows a brain to be...

    1 1,726

    Started by NickHowe

  • wild cards for search?

    Is there a plan to provide wild cards for search? Also how about word stemming beyond that already implicit in Thought name search? Can you say any...

    19 5,019

    Started by igoldsmid

  • Icon thought

    The 12 displayed thoughts below contain 12 jpeg. When wandering and returning to this view, some icons have disappeared (here only one) and some...

    6 1,799

    Started by Fox67

  • Rotation of the Plex

    PB How can I stop the rotation of the Plex? The used to be a setting for this...

    2 1,761

    Started by rengel

  • calendar features

    Having started to make use of PB's fledgling calendaring capabilities, I, like any pesky end user, want more. In particular, I've started to do my...

    2 1,725

    Started by tcahill

  • cut thoughts

    Sorry if this has been brought-up before. In expanded view, sometimes in selecting the (-) of a distant thought cuts the thought leaving a section...

    6 1,804

    Started by Shiiko

  • Hoist Brain to New Brain

    Quick question - is it possible to hoist a branch of one brain in order to copy it to another brain? Since I only want a portion of my...

    1 1,504

    Started by gcoulthard

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