• indicator to show non empty notes

    I'd like to have some sort of indicator (a symbol or color) for a thought that has notes filled in. This is a behavior taken from axon idea...

    1 903

    Started by zinoff

  • New item in attachment context-menu: "Copy path"

    This should copy the path of the selected attachment (Files, internal or external; Directory or URL) to the clipboard. Should make it easier to...

    2 801

    Started by mbaas

  • Redesign mouseover focus change

    I find that I am making more and more errors in PB4 because focus changes on mouseover. I must admit that the ability to hover over a thought and...

    0 943

    Started by NickHowe

  • Inheritance of Private property

    Any chance of an option that when enabled means that new children of private thoughts automatically inherit the private property also?

    0 963

    Started by NickHowe

  • Shortcuts for views + Fullscreen

    I would find it handy if we had kbd-shortcuts to activate the 3 different view-modes. And a suggestion: a full-screen mode for Plex and Notes-Window...

    1 866

    Started by mbaas

  • Report window layout

    PB4100, winXP, Java 1.6 1. When you narrow a vertically oriented report window, eventually the refresh widget gets hidden on the right. Can it be...

    0 947

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • 4100 - WOW!!!!!

    Dear PBTeam My Profanity Blocking option is on, so may I simply say: "Rather good job chaps!" The new windows layout capability is...

    1 1,170

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Details tab enhancement (4100)

    First, congratulations on this release. It positions a new axis of functionality and freedom around the brain star. Because of this release the...

    0 1,117

    Started by Shiiko

  • Synchronise folder feature request

    Hi Would like the facility to synchronise the contents of a virtual thought folder so that the contents of the folder are copied and synchronised...

    2 899

    Started by Spacenexus

  • New thoughts to appear immediately on history bar

    Hi Could thoughts that are newly created immediately appear on the history bar at the bottom of the plex aka PB3? Actually my preference would be...

    3 943

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Excel to PB export features

    http://forums.thebrain.com/tool/post/thebrain/vpost?id=2042099 pid=19479779#post19479779

    0 1,124

    Started by Spacenexus

  • Dialog actions

    Currently, PB4 4081, the dialogs, ex. Link Properties, are single action: you have to click the close button. Unless there is some option that...

    3 938

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Search Stop

    Would be nice to be able to stop an ongoing search by clicking on a stop button. Currently we have to wait until the search engine looks through all...

    2 895

    Started by Shiiko

  • opening documents inside PB

    Harlan Do you have any plans or intentions to enable opening pdf's, and microsoft office documents inside PB - like being able to read and edit a...

    10 1,140

    Started by igoldsmid

  • easier way to "arrange by" thoughts

    I have many parent thoughts, that have a large number of child thoughts. Switching between arrangements, especially thought creation date, and...

    2 867

    Started by igoldsmid

  • Renaming attachment

    When an attachment points to a URL, it is possible to rename that attachment and it would affect the 1st column in the attachment-list, the name....

    3 918

    Started by mbaas

  • search type

    you can't search plain tought type (e.g. "important") like in 3.x aa

    7 1,529

    Started by aa

  • advancing advanced search

    Advanced Search is great. However, perhaps it does too much when not required. I thought PB3's Find Thoughts capability hit the sweet spot. More...

    3 1,797

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Link type properties-dialog

    Harlan, I'd like to see this dialog slightly modified: can you pls. add a "OK" and "Cancel"-Button there? Having to close the...

    3 1,004

    Started by mbaas

  • Virtual folder context-menu

    It would be great if you could integrate the Brain's options in the context-menu with the standard-context menu from Windows Explorer. My favourite...

    1 998

    Started by mbaas

  • PB4 and Win98

    Ever since somewhere around version 4.0.19 of PB4 beta I have not been able to run PB4 on my win98 SE based computer. Has anyone else had problems...

    12 1,593

    Started by SKoehn

  • Bookmark feature in Notes?

    What is the intended use of the bookmarks feature in the Notes pane? I noticed that one can create bookmarks but, I don't see a way to access them...

    6 1,424

    Started by SKoehn

  • XML Export future direction

    Is the Brain will include the following XML export features in a near future ? 1) Search (advanced + synonyms/thesaurus support) 2) Icon attachment...

    1 1,020

    Started by jackeric

  • New Forums

    Hi Everyone, We've added some new forums to help organize all the activity here... Please use this forum for feature suggestions and make new...

    0 991

    Started by ShelleyHayduk

  • Suggestion: "Hot" Thoughts-Pin

    Something like a "virtual thought", based on the number of activations (or better: %age). For user-assignment of "hot" topics,...

    2 951

    Started by mbaas

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