• Dialog actions

    Currently, PB4 4081, the dialogs, ex. Link Properties, are single action: you have to click the close button. Unless there is some option that...

    3 938

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Search Stop

    Would be nice to be able to stop an ongoing search by clicking on a stop button. Currently we have to wait until the search engine looks through all...

    2 895

    Started by Shiiko

  • opening documents inside PB

    Harlan Do you have any plans or intentions to enable opening pdf's, and microsoft office documents inside PB - like being able to read and edit a...

    10 1,140

    Started by igoldsmid

  • easier way to "arrange by" thoughts

    I have many parent thoughts, that have a large number of child thoughts. Switching between arrangements, especially thought creation date, and...

    2 867

    Started by igoldsmid

  • Renaming attachment

    When an attachment points to a URL, it is possible to rename that attachment and it would affect the 1st column in the attachment-list, the name....

    3 918

    Started by mbaas

  • search type

    you can't search plain tought type (e.g. "important") like in 3.x aa

    7 1,529

    Started by aa

  • advancing advanced search

    Advanced Search is great. However, perhaps it does too much when not required. I thought PB3's Find Thoughts capability hit the sweet spot. More...

    3 1,797

    Started by JosefBetancourt

  • Link type properties-dialog

    Harlan, I'd like to see this dialog slightly modified: can you pls. add a "OK" and "Cancel"-Button there? Having to close the...

    3 1,004

    Started by mbaas

  • Virtual folder context-menu

    It would be great if you could integrate the Brain's options in the context-menu with the standard-context menu from Windows Explorer. My favourite...

    1 998

    Started by mbaas

  • PB4 and Win98

    Ever since somewhere around version 4.0.19 of PB4 beta I have not been able to run PB4 on my win98 SE based computer. Has anyone else had problems...

    12 1,593

    Started by SKoehn

  • Bookmark feature in Notes?

    What is the intended use of the bookmarks feature in the Notes pane? I noticed that one can create bookmarks but, I don't see a way to access them...

    6 1,424

    Started by SKoehn

  • XML Export future direction

    Is the Brain will include the following XML export features in a near future ? 1) Search (advanced + synonyms/thesaurus support) 2) Icon attachment...

    1 1,020

    Started by jackeric

  • New Forums

    Hi Everyone, We've added some new forums to help organize all the activity here... Please use this forum for feature suggestions and make new...

    0 991

    Started by ShelleyHayduk

  • Suggestion: "Hot" Thoughts-Pin

    Something like a "virtual thought", based on the number of activations (or better: %age). For user-assignment of "hot" topics,...

    2 951

    Started by mbaas

  • Mac-Windows compatible files.

    Hi, I'm an old Version3 user. Since I have a Macbook Pro running Windows XP SP2 and Mac OS X, I welcome both versions but here's the question: Is...

    1 914

    Started by remo

  • Focus in search box

    I notice that when the Brain starts - focus is not in the search box. As soon as I select a thought focus is in the box.

    1 872

    Started by HeadOffice

  • Links context-menu

    How about additional options to "Change link to Jump" or "Change Link to Child" or "Change Link to Parent", so that the...

    5 1,034

    Started by mbaas

  • Deleted Files

    Why don't files stored internally within PB4 that are deleted end up in the Recycle Bin? Bill

    2 1,144

    Started by bmac

  • Feature request: Link lines changing color on exported brain on web...

    I love how the links clarify themselves in the brain by changing colors when you mouseover/hover them. That doesn't happen on the web version - not...

    1 1,351

    Started by asexymind

  • Some remarks about shortcuts

    I found Frans' compilation of shortcuts was very useful, especially as there currently is no "full" V4-doc. BUT I don't...

    2 1,024

    Started by mbaas

  • Location for Files

    As a new user of PB4 I am still getting used to it. I currently have my brain files located on my c drive. Is it possible to move them to my server...

    1 900

    Started by werdna

  • Wagstaff brain problem backup solution

    Read Jeremy Wagstaff's blog this morning about some issue with his PB4. http://loosewire.typepad.com/blog/ Jeremy seems to think that hourly PB4...

    3 1,079

    Started by Henry

  • "Thought Type" hierarchal format

    Hi, Is it possible to see the “Thought Type” relationships (Super Type , Type) in a tree or hierarchal format and then see the...

    4 1,544

    Started by JBill

  • confusing - comma rule and arrange by name conflict

    When I use a comma to separate thoughts in a hierarchical way (e.g. "technology, books" and "technology, websites" parent thought...

    1 1,043

    Started by SmartDust

  • "Untab" Props+Calendar

    Just in the same way as the Notes-window can always be visible, I would like an option to make "Properties Attachments" and/or...

    1 1,326

    Started by mbaas

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