• How to Get the Latest Version

    by Harlan: TheBrain Official Download The latest official release of TheBrain is always available from the main download page: ...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.188

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.188 May 25, 2017 New Features (#1918) Thought context menu commands: Open in New Tab/Window (#3898) Brain context...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.186

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.186 May 22, 2017 Fixes (#8683) Error when creating Quick-Start brain

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.185

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.185 May 21, 2017 Fixes (#2268) Link to thought in note does not work when copied into another Brain (#3838) Error:...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.184

    by Harlan: This release fixes the issue of events created prior to 9.0.180 not being displayed. Version 9.0.184 May 20, 2017 Fixes (#3892)...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.183

    by Harlan: This release fixes many bugs. Most notably, notes editor cursor jumping issues and image insertion issues. Also worth mentioning is the ability to...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.179

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.179 May 4, 2017 Fixes (#3244) macOS: Copy/paste of attachment with many subfolders leads to crash (#3346)...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9 for Android (Beta Channel)

    by Harlan: A new version of TheBrain for Android is now available on the Google Play store! You must be a member of TheBrain for Android Beta community to...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.175

    by Harlan: Please update to this version immediately as it includes an important fix for missing data when restoring from a Brain Archive (.brz) file. Version...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.173

    by Harlan: This release fixes the most common sync failure. Thank-you to everyone who sent in failed sync logs already. Version 9.0.173 April 27,...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.172

    by Harlan: This release includes the option to send information to us for troubleshooting if a sync fails on the client side. If you are given this option,...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.170

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.170 April 19, 2017 Fixes (#3767) Toolbar buttons should be rendered more consistently

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.169

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.169 April 18, 2017 New Features (#3009) Tips on use at startup (dismissable) Fixes (#3726) macOS: Icons...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.167

    by Harlan: This version includes a major update to the syncing process that should makes it much more reliable. It also enables you to check on the sync status...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.163

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.163 March 30, 2017 Fixes (#-3686) When multiple tabs are open, clicking search box clicks through to inactive brain's...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.162

    by Harlan: More improvements and fixes for events. Version 9.0.162 March 25, 2017 New Features (#3636) Event indicator on thoughts in plex ...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.161

    by Harlan: Many new features and improvements to events are included in this release. Thanks again for all the feedback on this. Also included is the ability to...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.158

    by Harlan: In this release, the most important fix is that long file names previously preventing successful syncs are detected at sync time as well as during...

    0 241

    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.157

    by Harlan: This release includes: Timeline/Events enhancements, macOS search improvements, and bug fixes. Version 9.0.157 March 2, 2017 New...

    0 199

    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.156

    by Harlan: This release solves issues related to slow sync and creation of brain archives. Version 9.0.156 February 25, 2017 New Features ...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.155

    by Harlan: This release enhances the attachments list with support for previews, drag and drop, and more. Version 9.0.155 February 23, 2017 ...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.153

    by Harlan: Version 9.0.153 February 15, 2017 Fixes (#3500) Windows: Error when attempting to view link properties (#3501) Long attachment...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.151 - Attachment Lists

    by Harlan: The option to display attachments as lists enables easier management and access to many attachments at once as requested by several people here on...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.150

    by Harlan: This release fixes some bugs with the calendar and adds functionality to the back, forward, and middle mouse buttons. Version 9.0.150 ...

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    Started by Harlan

  • TheBrain 9.0.149 - Timeline and Events

    by Harlan: This release is the debut of the much-anticipated timeline feature. Events can be displayed on the timeline and optionally associated with thoughts...

    0 304

    Started by Harlan

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