PersonalBrain was posted early this morning. If you are a registered Pro user, your serial number will now work on any operating system. (The license agreement lets you have PB installed on any two computers.) Other changes include smart parsing of Web page titles and several fixes related to attachments.


July 27, 2007

  • Pro Serial numbers are now valid for all Operating Systems.
  • Attachment context menu has been reorganized
  • Web Page Titles
    • Thoughts are not renamed based on Web page titles if the thought has already been renamed by the user.
    • Fixed: Titles of Web pages are misinterpreted if the title tag includes extra parameters
    • Typical extra metadata included in Web page titles is removed put into the label and titles are trimmed appropriately
  • Fixes:
    • Fixed: Keyboard focus gets set to Notes on mouse over of thoughts and on instant activate
    • Fixed: Drag and drop of attachments to Outlook drops the address of the attachment instead of the attachment itself
    • Fixed: External attachments cannot be moved (using cut and paste or drag and drop) if target file does not exist
    • Fixed: Cut and paste of external attachments does not update the source thought’s icon
    • Fixed: Editing of names and locations does not work if column order is changed

Version is up now and fixes the problem with importing of shortcuts to folders from PersonalBrain 3 Brains not working. (Note that this release has not been posted for Mac OS and Linux since shortcuts are only imported under Windows).

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