This release includes the ability to report on untyped thoughts, sort by activity level, and a variety of other fixes.



August 10, 2007

  • Reports
    • Reports can be generate from all “Untyped” Thoughts
    • Reports can be sorted by activity level (this is not completely accurate yet)
    • The reports toolbar controls wrap when the window is resized to be too narrow
  • Fixes
    • When in auto-hide mode, does not unhide unless clicked or the hotkey is used (Alt+Shift+Z)
    • When installed on a USB drive, registration information is saved onto the USB drive instead of the local computer


Version *

August 7, 2007

  • Misc Changes
    • Is properly identified as a beta release
    • Includes updated notes editor (various minor changes and bug fixes)
    • Installer updated (better compatibility)
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: after closing the active Brain, the Open Brain command does not work. (from 4101)
    • Fixed: double click on Past Thought List to scroll causes plex to maximize
    • Fixed: right click to rename an attachment does not work



August 2, 2007

  • Fixed: shift+right click to delete a non-active thought prompts to forget the active thought (from 4100)



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