This release contains many SiteBrain enhancements and takes advantage of the engineering work done on SiteBrain for incorporation into BrainEKP. iPhone support, the past thought list, resizing of the plex window, and several fixes are included.


September 5, 2007

  • SiteBrain Export
    • Supports viewing on iPhone
    • Past thought list is displayed
    • Plex window can be resized
    • Pins are created using the same look and feel as the main thoughts
    • Layout is done in HTML standards mode instead of quirks mode
    • Fixed many compatibility errors
    • Note: if you had previously customized your settings.js file and set it to read-only in your export folder, you will need to set it back to read/write as the settings.js file must be updated in order for the new export capabilities to work properly.
  • Fixes
    • Fixed: Arrange Thoughts by type ignores thought names
    • Fixed: Core edition attempts to add multiple attachments if found in the Thought folder causing a prompt to upgrade



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