Version is now available and includes keyboard navigation capabilities. The new method if keyboard navigation is much faster and easier than PB3's, IMHO. Also making a reappearance from PB3 is the highlighting of newly created thoughts. There are also significant performance improvements and notable fixes included in this release. See details below.


Version *

September 25, 2007

  • Keyboard Navigation
    • To navigate using the keyboard, click on the plex or press F3, then use the following keys:
      • Arrows = highlight a thought
      • Enter = activate a thought
      • Esc = cancel keyboard navigation
    • When text is present in the search field, keyboard navigation is disabled and the arrow keys are used for editing the text and selecting thoughts for instant activation. To clear the search field and re-enable keyboard navigation, press Esc.
    • Note: The Alt key is no longer needed for keyboard navigation as it was in PersonalBrain 3.
  • Thought Creation
    • Newly created thoughts are visually highlighted in the plex after they are created
    • Thoughts appear in the past thought list when they are created
    • Fixed: Created thoughts are interpreted as the last active thought if Brain is closed after creation
  • Performance Improvements
    • Startup time reduced by several seconds when opening Brains with lots of activity
    • Changing link types is much faster
    • Closing the Preferences dialog box is much faster
  • Calendar
    • Fixed: When you create an event, it appears in one place, but after you finish entering the name, the order changes.
    • Fixed: When you change the priority of an event, it’s order on the list also changes
    • Fixed: Calendar reminders sometimes appear on the wrong day or appear day early
  • Thought Resizing
    • Added a user preference to disable mouse wheel resizing
    • Fixed: When the view is set to “Distant Thoughts”, the resizing circle does not work
    • Fixed: Thoughts in plex will bounce around if resizing using the cam circle and the thoughts touch the edge.
    • Fixed: If the active thought indicator is turned off, the resizing circle should not disappear – only the rotating indicator
  • Search
    • Added a new setting, maxFieldLength , to the configuration file res/SearchEngine.xml which specifies the maximum number of terms to index per document.
    • Increased the default number of terms to index per document to 50,000 from 10,000.
    • Fixed: In some cases, highlighted terms were not displayed.
  • Notes
    • Fixed: Spellchecking does not stay disabled over multiple restarts of PersonalBrain
    • Fixed: When images are cut and pasted between thoughts, the image files are lost
  • Changes and Fixes
    • The location column of external file attachments does not repeat the file name
    • Past thoughts list loads more thoughts on startup
    • Some language resources are loaded dynamically
    • Added tips for keyboard navigation and window layout
    • Fixed: Under Windows, when the OS is shutdown, preferences and notes are not saved
    • Fixed: Messages sometimes appear below the pins

Great update!

How about keyboard navigation while drag n drop something to the PB and maybe inside PB?

The keyboard navigation is very well done.  I like the focus gizmo!


TB8022 32bit
Java 32bit Version 8 Update 141

Firefox, Office 2013 Pro Plus 32bit
64bit Win10Pro
64bit Primary Laptop, 8GB RAM, Intel Core i7
64bit Secondary Laptop, 64GB RAM, Intel Xeon E3
Brain user since zygote
Thanks for all the positive feedback on keyboard navigation. There is more planned along these lines. Unfortunately, keyboard navigation can't easily be done during drag and drop because the keyboard focus is not given to PB during this operation... But, it would be pretty cool - maybe we can find a way to do it.

The keyboard navigation does not activate scrolling when a scroll bar is presented. You can only navigate through the visible thoughts. You still have to use the scroll bar? Feature or a bug ?


We are planning to add scrolling via the keyboard also soon.
Fixed: Created thoughts are interpreted as the last active thought if Brain is closed after creation

Not fixed, it's happen just now.
Active thought indicator only works when mouse moves. As soon pointer is static, the animation stops.


Siegfried, you can find more info about the active thought indicator here.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
@zenrain: weird, I've not noticed this on previous releases (maybe too frantic moving the mouse around?). wait let me check, I've a PC with the previous beta release yup, same here. It stops rotating. Any progress/change with this? I agree that CPU cycle savings are a weak excuse here and it is not exactly slowing down... it stops. Either it rotates/spins or not. Now it looks very erratic and the dedicated tab where you can set the rotation speed becomes obsolete. Gimme spin


Just installed over 4.0.X. Literally 30 mins ago
Fabulous, dead easy upgrade picked up on existing brain files etc. including pinned thoughts and recent thoughts.
Start up MUCH faster. Think the KB nav will be nice working with a laptop and touch pad most of the time.
Like the split notes/attachments area too, maybe think about the option to change which item is permanent. Instead of Notes and X it would be cool if I could change it to Calendar and X. Maybe I can...

Looks like it uses less RAM too. Always an improvement


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