you know the great option to zoom (thumbnails for) images? Well, I love it!

It looks to my as if PB4 tries to zoom virtual thoughts as well, by this resulting in PB4 hanging for some time (several minutes), especially when the folder contains quit some data (in my example: 356 images [JPG], 84 MB).

--> Could be optimized imho because zooming virtual thoughts only makes sense to me when a thumbnail image is attached to it.

[Well, sometime I see that PB4 tries to show the first image inside the folder instead of the virtual thought's icon, but I think, that's not absolutely necessary.]

By the way - when the virtual thought mentioned is made the active thought, there is no big delay. This list of attachments is presented immediately.

Kind regards,

Thanks. This is a known issue that we are planning on addressing shortly.

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