There are many significant advances in this release including Mac OS Spotlight integration, one of the most requested features ever, and Tag Thoughts, which makes working with tags much more convenient and powerful.

As you'll see below, there are many impovements incorporated into this release. This release feature locks 5.0 until its final release.


December 5, 2008

·         Mac OS X Enhancements

o    File Attachment Searching

§  PersonalBrain now integrates with Spotlight to provide search results from within files.

§  Searches done from the PersonalBrain search box automatically return results from within files, both internal and external.

o    The toolbar features customized “Mac style” buttons.

o    The keyboard shortcuts in notes use Mac standards.

·         Tags

o    Tag Thoughts

§  Show all the Thoughts with that tag as children.

§  Are denoted by a special icon.

§  Are activated by clicking on a tags in the Tags tab.

§  Can also be accessed via Instant Activate and show at the top of the list.

§  Can be pinned.

§  Are not shown in the plex as parents (they use uni-directional links)

§  Linking and unlinking a thought adds or removes the tag for the thought.

o    Tags hints are no longer displayed on Thoughts in the past thought list or pins.

o    Hide tag hints option added under Look & Feel > Thoughts to disable display of all tag hints.

·         Calendar

o    The year can now be set by typing it into the edit box that appears if you click on the year label at the top of the calendar. This works in both the main calendar view as well as the pop-up calendar views.

·         User Interface

o    Windows Tablet PC input using the TIP window is now supported in the search, create, and rename input areas.

o    The toolbar icons are less visually distracting and the toolbar is narrower.

o    In the Core and Pro editions the PersonalBrain logo no longer appears making more room available on the toolbar for Brain buttons.

o    The maximum size of the window in auto-hide mode under Windows has been increased.

·         Preferences

o    Hide pins in presentation mode option added under UI

o    Missing ESP Sync preferences added.

o    Fixed: Automatically recenter option does not work.

o    Toolbar is now shown and hidden via the View menu

·         Fixes

o    The Add Attachment dialog box now sorts available templates alphabetically by name instead of by file extension, with user templates first, followed by system supplied templates.

o    Fixed: The outline view resets its position each time Thoughts are expanded or collapsed.

o    Fixed: Amazon search URLs get truncated.

o    Fixed: If you right click on a tag and say “convert to parent”, the tag is removed regardless of whether you choose to delete the tag.

o    Fixed: If you convert a tag to a parent thought and delete the tag, then convert the parent thought back into a tag, the report for that tag will not work until you close and reopen the Brain.

o    Fixed: Tags do not show in search results.

o    Fixed: When “Click active Thought to open/create” is selected, sometimes the open/create command is triggered inadvertently.

o    Fixed: Selection menu for Thought types does not break down in to submenus if needed.

o    Fixed: Creating a new Brain with the same name as an existing Brain does not give appropriate warning message.

o    Reliability of importing of very large XML files improved.

o    Fixed: On Mac OS X when entering a new Thought name, foreign character keyboard input does not always work.

o    Fixed: Notes does not save indentations created via the tab key.

o    Fixed: Thought icons are sometimes not updated when removing attachments.

o    Fixed: Copy and paste of Thoughts does not include tag information.


It is just amazing, thank you!

o    Tag Thoughts
§  Show all the Thoughts with that tag as children.
Are denoted by a special icon.
Are activated by clicking on a tags in the Tags tab.
Can also be accessed via Instant Activate and show at the top of the list.
Can be pinned.
Are not shown in the plex as parents (they use uni-directional links)
Linking and unlinking a thought adds or removes the tag for the thought.
A zillion thanks!!

But expand all in outline view not work when tag selected
Harlan, thank you for the tag-thought - just played a little bit:

"are not shown as parent" means that they can not be a child or a jump to any thought, right?
But they are shown sometimes in normal view expanded by +
as a kind of far away thought and connected to other thoughts with that TAG
But only, if it is connected to a child thought
As soon as I activate this child then the "parent" TAG thought disappears.
Now: Is it wrong that I see it in the first place or is it wrong that it disappears by "looking at it"?

... Furthermore I think TheBrain is unique
regards Hannes from Bavaria
Brain Junky V6.x Pro / WebBrain / V7 Beta /
Win 7 Prof 64 & 32, MS Office 2010 & Outlook & Firefox & IE
Buggy if you start typing a year then change your mind and click on today to get back to present time
The tag-search feature will be the tipping point that gets me to use tags, thanks! Up until now tags just seemed like another gradual weakening of the Brain's structure - i.e. that you should be able to model *all* of your relationships purely in the plex.

Types came along originally and provided a different way of doing things like hierarchy and, though useful, wore away at the original abstraction. Later still, tags came along and chipped away at the original concept still further.

I still feel that some of the purity of the Brain has been lost over the years but I can definitely appreciate the power that's available.

grave wrote:
But expand all in outline view not work when tag selected

Sorry, after restart all work.
Those Tag Thought are great! This feature will make PB so much more useful.
Next step would be intersections of tags please (AND, OR, XOR)

The toolbar indeed does look better now, although I'm not sure about the complete lack of colour. Perhaps different sets of icons could be included, as well as large and small icon sizes.

Harlan, what do you mean with "This release feature locks 5.0 until its final release."?
I assume you mean only bugfixes will be done now until the final, no new features for now?

Thanks for the great work again!
PB user since 1998

Mind over matter?
I don't mind and it doesn't matter.
TB Pro on Win10.1 Pro 64bit JVM 1.8.0-112
Thanks for the feedback. 5.0 is feature locked at this point, meaning from here on out the only changes made will be to fix existing problems or make minor improvements. 5.X is already underway however.
Great UI improvements!! PB5 feels like a pro app instead of a toy.
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! 

Do NOT Make the toolbar smaller on Windows XP !!!

Some of our eyes aren't as good as they used to be!

Taking away the color and the borders and shrinking the size is a triple whammy!  (And they don't even have fly-over animation)

If the flat little buttons are bitmapped then they will also "shrink" at higher resolutions (I use 1280x1024).  They also make a smaller "target" for the mouse (ever try sizing a graphic with the tiny little squares in MS Paint?)

I can live with the new style (though I don't care for monochrome buttons much), just DON'T MAKE THEM SMALLER!

Best option: Give the user a choice of button / toolbar size / color.  CorelDraw offers three sizes, and one of the things I hate about Office 2007 (among the many things to despise) is that the new ribbons are one-size-fits-all (in that case, too d**m much real estate).

A question: I just read about the "uni-directional links" in tag thoughts in 5.0.

Are "uni-directional links" also what is used for virtual thoughts?

I've set up jump links between virtual thoughts and native thoughts and have always considered it to be a bug that they don't work both ways.

If this is the case I can write up a more intelligent "fix" request for the virtual thoughts.

Issue not fixed in

"Shrink with Distance" was an option under a sub-tree for "Expanded Thoughts" in 4.5.

In version 5.0, "Shrink with Distance" is now in a general section for "Thoughts", which suggests to users that it would work in "Distant Thoughts" mode, which is not true.

This is either a feature error (should now work in Distant Thoughts mode) or a UI error (e.g. rename to "Shrink with Distance in Expanded View").

I'd kind of prefer the functional fix, as the shrunken thoughts in Distant Thoughts mode are pretty useless to me (see previous virulent post about shrunken toolbar ).

I also think there are some real improvements in the box.

- to make tags "tag-thoughts" is great (as the tag system always was an issue for me). ... but I will comment later after seeing what can be done with it
- also UI is really better (even if this is not an feature), also thanks for being able to hide tag-hints now!

my problem – as this seemed to me one of the biggest "improvements", even if it "only" means bringing osx version more on par with the windows version –:
I tried the spotlight-attachment-indexing, and here it doesn´t work. if I got it right it should work in! the attached file surely is indexed within spotlight (I can find it via spotlight), but it doesn´t show up after being attached to a thought. also tried rebuilding indexes, restarts etc.
-- please, let me know this feature will work...!

thanks again...

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