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Harlan wrote:

The installer has not been changed for quite some time... are you sure that something has not changed on your system?

I had to make a change in my Java setup, and then it worked again. Thanks.
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Harlan wrote:
This release includes over 40 fixes and minor updates. Notable fixes and updates include: multiple tag filtering now works properly, notes can be set to copy and paste as text only by default, tags propertly dialog causing CPU problem fixed, calendar events time format problem fixed, plus much more...


September 18, 2009

·         Calendar and Events

o    Fixed: Parsing of event times in non-US standard format stops events from saving properly

I can add event now indeed, with Dutch regional settings and 24 hour clock.
However, the Snooze button on the Reminder window didn't not do anything. I had to dismiss it to get rid of it.
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