What are the advantages / disadvantages of having one HUGE brain that continues to grow and includes everything?? (compared to opening multiple brains for each "compartment" of life)?
The only reason - that I can think of - as to why I may want multiple brains is that I may wish to share (collaborate) SOME of my brains - example Work or a specific Hobby - but not my entire brain?
Question: Can I share (TeamBrain) only a PORTION of a single brain??
You may want to check out this blog post, or this forum thread.

I think it really depends on your workflow and needs. Some people like to have very specific and targeted brains for projects. This allows the database to stay very focused, and also when the project is complete you can simply archive it and not have it clutter up a single database. The downside is there is no cross referencing to other areas or project brains (well, now you can with thought URLs, but it's not as easy).

Some people prefer keeping everything in a single brain. This means that all your data is always at your fingertips, and you can always find old information that you can link to current topics. It becomes more of an information manager.
The downside is it becomes very difficult to manage. After a certain size you have to give up maintaining an orderly database, and only maintain and improve the areas you consnantly use. It also becomes a pretty hefty size.

I don't use TeamBrain, so I can't answer that question. I do know that you can't share portions of a brain with the regular WebBrain, it's all or nothing.

Personally, I have a main database, and two targeted brains. One of the targeted brains I share as a WebBrain for everyone to be able to view. This contains some data that is already in my main database, and some unique items. The second is a subset of my primary brain that I share as a brainzip within the company.
I keep these two in sync by tagging new or updated thoughts in my primary brain that I need to copy to the secondary brain. Then once a week I copy them over, and update the brainzip on the shared directory.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
iDong, Thank You for posting and welcome to the forum

Can I share (TeamBrain) only a PORTION of a single brain??

zenrain is correct its all or nothing. However, you have a good feature request. I will bring this up with our dev team to see what they can do. I also encourage you to post your feature request on our Uservoice page: as well.

I've found that the fewer brains I have, the more effective is my use of PersonalBrain. So I have one Brain for my day job, and one for the rest of my life. I will occasionally create other Brains for very specific projects -- ones that I'm certain would not benefit from having access to the information in the other Brains.

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