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Registered: Feb 4, 2010
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Does anyone here follow James Fallow's blog on The Atlantic Monthly web site? You can find it here:

Like many of us, James is fascinated by information management software and writes about it frequently. For the past several weeks James has had guest bloggers as he works on a book. This week one of the guest bloggers is The Brain Technologies Shelley Hayduk. Should be interesting reading for Brain users.


Registered: July 11, 2007
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FYI, here's the link to her post: From Filing Cabinets to Digital Thought

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Registered: Nov 19, 2007
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Just read Shelley's post on the Atlantic

The Secret to Digital Sanity 

Think it was great, but it reminds me of how much I wish there was an easier way to link Evernote to PB, and to MS OneNote too, as I and other's have often commented.  I just don't find any easier way to clip something displayed on my PC than a quick highlighting of the desired content, then Window Key-A, and wow, it's captured, complete with URL and date.

Another program that has become an easy favorite is TaskAngel, which sits quietly waiting for my command with a Window Key-Z to popup a To-Do note with all kinds of context, folders, keys, deadlines, etc., then automatically syncs to Toodledo on the web, then syncs to my iPod and Android phone apps, as well as my other computers.  Would be great to be able to link these to PB thoughts too.

I've lagged in my use of PB last few months, but I still love it for ability to get a 30,000 ft view of things and to quickly drill down to lower levels.  I just wish it would easily link to these other work horse programs that make my life easier in storing away things for future use or focus.

One other wish is a lower cost to upgrade to V 6 core or Pro -- if I could do the things above, or if a V7 did them, then I would do it.

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