As described here, I think The Brain 10 must have the feature where you can set sharing options per thought and/or per link.

Options should include:

a. public (default)
b. private
c. shared with... (custom list of users and/or usergroups)

Version 11 should add sub options per user or usergroup listed in option c above:

- Is owner 
- Can edit
- Can comment
- Can view

All similar to Google Docs. This would allow to collaborate in one brain.

Best, Koen
Windows 10 | Beta testing TheBrain
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Windows 10 - TheBrain - Pro License
My preferred sharing options
Setting a Thought to private will prevent people from seeing that Thought when the URL is shared publicly. However, sharing that Brain by adding their email will allow that user to see every Thought, whether private or not.

Collaborating on a Brain requires each user to have a TeamBrain license. With TeamBrain, the owner of that Brain can set other users to Reader, Writer, or Admin. This is on a per-Brain basis, and can not be done on a per Thought basis, yet. What you described is something we have discussed before, and our engineers have spoken about the feasibility of implementing it, but no definite plans one way or the other.


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