Brain Folks,

We're continuing to experiment with whether we can engage interested people to explore Brains through Webbrain, and have just launched 4 different Patreon crowdfunding projects relating to different Brain projects.  

The Climate Web     also available at

Type II Diabetes Brain 

Exchange Student Brain

Resistance Chess Brain   also available at  

Each is using different ways of organizing information, and focusing on different types of information, to see what might work. Feedback and support welcome! 

I keep hoping that TheBrain will come to see Webbrain as something to really focus on in opening up whole new audiences of potential users for the desktop software. Right now getting people to use Webbrain is a real uphill battle, but we continue to point out to them that 1. It's a short learning curve to get past the original "OMG" response, and 2. The next version of Webbrain will be improved. Still hoping that's true.


Windows 10, Brain
Thanks for the update, Mark! Looking forward to taking a closer look....
Nice idea.
I was thinking about something similar for my Cyberbullying project: TheBrain plus a Patreon page.
How are you attracting your maybe patrons on your Patreon page?

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