We've continued to build the Climate Web, and it now has 80,000 thoughts and 120,000 links. Even thought we've built a massive Index to help people find material in the Climate Web, it's still been a real problem for people to find the information they're looking for, since it can be spread all over the Climate Web. 

In a conversation with other Brain users a couple weeks ago, the idea of using Tags to help guide people to specific kinds of information in the Climate Web occurred to me for the first time.  We're now using Tags (in conjunction with Types) to build 100 Doorways into the Climate Web that are tied to specific topics and audiences, and we're offering users the ability to build their own customized Doorways into the Climate Web as part of our Climate Web Patreon Project. We have a Sample Doorway that will always stay the same, and around which we've built a Navigating Doorways video that's in the Doorway itself.  Other Doorways of the Day circulate among topics users of the Climate Web may be interested in.  

I think this use of Tags could really help people access the Climate Web (and any complicated Brain for that matter). 

Feedback Welcome,


Hi Mark,

Thank you for sharing your impressive work!

A few thoughts and suggestions for you.

The Metaphor

The idea of a Doorway as the entry point to relevant, specialized information in an overwhelming sea of loosely related information should make sense at first glance.

To help that idea really come across, I suggest that future videos or other explanations make a tiny modification in describing the metaphor.

A 'doorway' is a noun, a stand alone object. I would modify your use of the word ever so slightly by describing it as: A Doorway to related (or relevant or selected or curated or specialized ) content \ material.

This slightly fuller description completes the picture in the new user's mind. It helps to convey the idea that the imaginary symbolic object you've conjured on top of a whole bunch of other visual objects sitting right in front of them on the screen (more on that below) is purposeful as a conveyance.

Extending the metaphor a bit, you might use language such as: "To metaphorically use the Doorway to access Climate Change information most relevant to you, just click on a curated topic. And then on any other topic linked to that topic. And so on."


The Overwhelming Visual

You have gathered so much wonderful information. The initial presentation of all those thoughts and links to the first-time or casual user may be quite overwhelming (read: off-putting).

Suggestion: Address, in your video, this fact directly. You might say something to this effect:

When you first see the volume of topics and links we've assembled for you, it may appear a bit overwhelming. But the beauty of this system is how accessible and navigable all this information is! The information is organized, tagged, and related in a very special way so that you can find information you might not otherwise, and find information you want to find exceptionally fast.


Or something to that effect. And then present the great overview demo that you have already prepared.

Hope this is helpful.

Many thanks for putting The Brain to work in this way and sharing your efforts with us here.


Don, thanks for that feedback.  Appreciated!   
Don, our new YouTube Channel for the Climate Web has what might I suspect is the largest collection of TB-promoting videos other than TB itself.  Several playlists introducing how different users can use the Climate Web, how different topics can be explored, etc.  Feedback welcome!  And we're still working on integrating the points you made, particularly in a comprehensive video I'm working on now. 

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