For example, I have some PDFs, Excel, and Word files in a folder ABC that has the keyword, "foobar" that I would like to find via search.

Currently, I drag the folder in first as a link.  Then, in Window File Explorer I select all files in that folder and drag in under that thought with folder as a link to make them child thoughts with link to each file.

I wonder if there is a way to simply drag the folder and all its content being added in as child thoughts and with each file as external link?

"Folder as Virtual Thought" is disabled in preference.

Similar to adding folders as the Virtual Thought.  However, VT is much less desired due to
1. search cannot go into the attachment (which is the exactly purpose of my intent)
2. When delete any thoughts under the VT, the actual files in the disk are deleted.  Horrible idea!

We'll add this as a feature request.  You can currently import a folder very easily, but this actually ends up with internal attachments.

Thank you,

Thanks a lot for the reply.  Due to large size of those attachment and retain access to other software, I would really like the capability to add them as external links.  I cannot wait to see this features implemented!!


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