TheBrain company's redesigned website makes is very difficult to (a) figure out what the status of my TheBrain Combo account is, and (b) renew the subscription.

Why cannot we just have a link that says "My Account", we can log in, see the remaining period on the subscription, and renew.

I.e., I want to give the company money -- my subscription expires in 5 days -- but the company doesn't make it easy because there's nowhere on the website to do that.
Hi Korm,

Thanks for the feedback and for your support! We definitely need to improve that.

Meanwhile, please go to  https://www.thebrain.com/store/ and type your email address to see your purchase options. You can also call us at +1-310-751-5000 and we will be happy to process your purchase for you.
Okay, I followed you suggestion. But after I get into my accounts page, all I see is info on my name. The previous page where I entered my email address said “To view and manage your subscription status, log in and go to the account page.”. There doesn’t seem to be any subscription status, like when it expires. 
pvonk wrote: There doesn’t seem to be any subscription status, like when it expires. 
Exactly so.

A well designed user profile should (a) explain when my subscription will be renewed, (b) tell me how much the renewal will cost, (c) give me an on-line option to stop the subscription.   I don't want to have to call a sub-contracted call center, and especially do not want to talk to a machine or a person who is paid to convince me not to cancel.   These elements are merely polite and generate good will.   In my case, the renewal was announced a week or so ago in an email -- a fait accompli, with no advance warning or option to cancel or decline.   
korm - I agree.  And since this is an annual payment, I'd also like to be able to see which payment method was used last year and have the option to keep it or change it.
Quote: In my case, the renewal was announced a week or so ago in an email -- a fait accompli, with no advance warning or option to cancel or decline.   

Same here. I almost anger called to cancel, but backed off. Would be good to not create customer angst.

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Hi Everyone,

TheBrain annual subscription renews automatically as indicated on your invoice. However, you can cancel your auto-renewal and/or update your credit card information as follows:

-Go to https://webbrain.com/login
-Enter email address or username and password
-Click "login"
-Click "Settings" on the top of the page
-Click "Manage Licenses and Services"
-Click "Payment Info" in the top right

Best regards,
Hi all,

To check your subscription, which card is on file, and the expiration/renewal date, go to: https://webbrain.com/login , Account > Settings > Manage Licenses and Services. Here you can see the date that your service will expire. This is also the renewal date.

To see/change the card on file click Payment Info. From here you can also cancel your subscription.

I feel the same about call centers and automated phone menus. Here at TheBrain we do not have any call center. When you call us (310-751-5000) you will get a human being, or at worst your call will go to voicemail. No robots here. We also have chat available on http://thebrain.com . If you click the chat bubble during business hours, you will reach a real human there as well.

We are also not trained to try to convince you to keep your subscription. If you call us to cancel, we will ask you to verify your identity for us, then cancel your subscription.

My job is to help our users. If a user wants to cancel their subscription, that is what I will help them to do. No convincing, no hassle. Also, I personally hate getting upselled. When I tell prospective/returning customers about our license and service my recommendations are based on what I genuinely think is the best deal. 

I will make sure that our team hears about the issues you've mentioned, and proposed fixes. These are: Make it easy for the user to see their subscription status, expiration date, card on file, price for renewal, and to cancel.

Cheers, Sean

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