Anyone know of anyone using TheBrain to support patients with memory losses or disorders including Alzheimers?  A trailer I saw for the new Alzheimer's movie "Still Alice," shows the victim taking a lot of notes on her cell phone to try and remember for later. Seems like a well developed PB, accessible through your iphone, could be a useful way to keep track of a lot of that kind of personal information.



We do have some psychologists who are using TheBrain therapeutically. And then on the pharmaceutical end of things we have some drug companies that do use it for medical and pharmacological research in this area as well.

This is an interesting idea and connection to the Movie. How was the movie? I am looking forward to seeing it myself. Alzheimer's and mental health is one of this decade's greatest changes. 
FWIW, several years ago I introduced TheBrain to my adult daughter who has ADD, and it has helped her immensely -- in terms of both (1) having one single location to consolidate everything she wants to save and (2) then later finding/retrieving information she has stored away.

My guess is TheBrain could serve a similar function for individuals at least in the early stages of mild cognitive impairment.

It's nice to hear that TheBrain can have such a positive impact! Thank you for sharing.

People suffering from Alzheimer may forget even to write down the notes and take them back at the proper time.
There should be a System that integrates note taking and information retrieving, maybe an AI that understand the lifestyle and the routine of the person, and actively takes note and retrieve the information, so that the person receive just a notification.

Anyway I suppose TheBrain would be a good start.

Nice idea!
Metta, I work with many ADDs too, and I had the idea that a mind map (or something similar) would be a good tool.
I haven't experimented with it yet: I fear a "Life" mind map would be too messy for that people.
I'd like to hear your experience with it.

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