There are a couple of things that I don't yet understand:

what is the EDIT function for? 

How do I use the Inbox function?

How do I add a link to a URL?
By the "edit" function, I assume you mean when you are looking at the attachments list. This button allows you to delete attachments.

The inbox is used for adding URLs and other items. For example say you are a web page open in Safari that you want to add to your brain. Click the share button in the toolbar (arrow pointing up). From there you select "Add to TheBrain" to send it to TheBrain's inbox. If you don't see "Add to TheBrain", tap "More", then turn it on (you can also reorder it from here to it appears earlier in the list of options). Once you have something in the inbox you can open the thought where you want to add it, go to the attachments list, select the inbox and then select the item you want to add.
Thanks Harlan, that works well. Is it possible to do the same on the desktop version? I have safari on iMac and TB9 installed, but I can't find Add to TheBrain extension. 
Adding a URL is a bit more simplified on the desktop version. Simply drag and drop (click on the URL icon in the address bar of your browser) right into TheBrain. Here's a quick video on how the desktop functionality works -

A Brain Inbox for the desktop app is something we're looking into for a future release.

Thank you,
Thanks Matt, I use the drag and drop URL function on the desktop, it's just that being able to see a webpage and save it to an TB9 inbox so I can decide where to put it later is useful - so glad that you are looking into it! 

Add a Website Forum to your website.

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