Sometimes, an email pasted into the notes area does not result in the automatic link. How do I get it to create the link?

Thanks for posting. You should be able to copy/paste the text of an email directly into the notes. Are you trying to copy/past the individual email message/file itself?  Are you using Outlook? This functionality is not yet supported in v9. However, there is a good workaround. Simply open a folder for the thought where you want to attach the message and drag and drop to that folder. Alternatively you can drag and drop to your desktop and then drag from there to TheBrain.

More direct support for drag and drop from recent versions of Outlook is something we are planning for a future release of TheBrain.

Thank you,
I think he is referring to an email address... How are you pasting it? Can you show an example?
I am talking about pasting text of the email address into the notes area.

Sometimes, it will insert arrows on either side and you can click to bring up the email program with that address.

Here, you can see that the arrows are not there.

I just pasted the text of the email address into the notes area.

Just wondering where things stand on email links and hyperlinks in the notes area.

In TB8, email address links and url hyperlinks are created automatically after:
> the text for the link is dropped into a note and
> a space is inserted after the link.

Has this functionality already been added to the development list for notes?

If not, can this request please be added to the list?

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