• (#4070) Ability to create a new thought by adding on to an existing thought name

How does this work?  "Adding on" where -- what dialog?
When you link to a new thought, you can press cursor down to scroll the list of existing thoughts.
The selected thought's name is than   also   displayed in the name field for the thought to link, where you can edit this name, and afterwards create a new thought.

See also the post #4070.


Bildschirmfoto 2017-07-13 um 17.16.39.png 
I'll add another example:

  • You want to create a thought called "Global Cyber Security Systems Account Records"
  • Click and drag from a thought gate and type "Glob"
  • You see in the Existing Thought List "Global Cyber Security Systems"
  • Use your arrow keys to scroll down and highlight this Existing Thought
  • the full thought name appears in the New Thought Name box
  • you then type onto the end "Account Records"


This creates a NEW thought "Global Cyber Security Systems Account Records"

It's a nice time saver and was a working feature in v8 as Christian pointed out in a previous thread.


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