Hi guys,

Please advise on the following issues:

1.Each time I turn on my brain I need to reinstall the background image, as it is lost each time when the computer is turned off.

I cannot delete nor forget a thought, all I can do is to unlink the thought.

less is more
From the previous thread it looks like you are running on Vista 32.
Check Add / Remove programs to make sure you only have one version of Java installed. If there are multiple and you don't have a specific need for them to be there, remove the earlier ones.
Also, did you install PersonalBrain as administrator? If not, you may try that.
Also, make sure you have full rights to the folder that contains your brain database.
Finally, you may want to send a copy of the output.log stored in the Program Files\PersonalBrain folder to support, to see if you are getting any errors that they can help troubleshoot.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thank you Zenrain,

I did what you have recommended, the problems are the same, I will contact the support team,

what is the output.log stored in the Program Files\PersonalBrain, i do not see such a file.

less is more

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