I know and use the ⇧-drag method for moving (as opposed to copying) a Thought to a new Parent.  How can I move all the currently selected Thoughts to a new parent?

I expected this to be on the context-sensitive menu for selected Thoughts (perhaps dynamic with a modifier press).  (That it's not where I expected to find it does not mean it's not right in front of me  😊 .)

Related: what is the lowest-friction way to add a generation between Thoughts?  Starting with [Parent<>Child/Children] I want to end with [Parent<>NewThought<>Child/Children].

As my brain is in its blastular phase, I find myself doing each of these often.


TheBrain Pro Trial; OS 10.13.3
Once the thoughts are selected:
Browse to the thought in the plex you wish to add as a parent. 
Right-Click a blank spot in the selection area and choose Link Selection as Children of [Name].
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250
As Zen mentioned, once you have the Thoughts selected, when you right click in the selection box, you'll have the option of linking as a Child, Parent or Jump of the current active Thought.

This video may provide some additional context on this process and other related features:

Thank you both.  The procedures you recommend _add_ a parent to the selected Thoughts.  I conceive of that as _copying_ the Thought to a new Parent.  I had been attempting to ask about _moving_ a Thought to a new Parent, that is: to add a new Parent and delete the link/relationship to the current Parent.

I have since learned — from TheBrain Webinar of Thursday 12 April 2018 — that a good way to do this is to select Thoughts, right-click in the "Selected" column and execute "Unlink Thoughts", and then link them as children to another Thought via another right-click/context-sensitive-menu-choice.

For anyone who finds this thread, I also learned from the Webinar that I can _move_ a Thought to a new Parent by dragging it and dropping it in the "ChildZone" of the Active Thought.  This is my current method for _moving_ single Thoughts.

For completeness: note that you can delete any link by right-clicking and executing "Unlink".

Added:  Entire topic more directly addressed in this other topic.

Still unanswered: what is the lowest-friction way to add a generation between Thoughts?  Starting with [Parent<>Child/Children] I want to end with [Parent↔︎NewThought↔︎Child/Children].  Since this is not significantly related to the topic as posted, I will start a new topic for it.



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