I have captured about 10 items with Brainbox. I like it. But I now see a problem: I don't see a way to process Brainbox's contents other than one at a time.  To be useful, I need to be able to process some or all of them with a single command.

* I really need to be able to empty the Brainbox.
* I'd like to be able to select 5 items among, say 20, and put them all under a thought as children.

Is this already possible? If not, can it be considered?


~ Bal
As far as I can tell you are correct. It seems like items in a BrainBox list should be selectable like items in a report. That way they could be added to the selection window and acted upon in batch. To TheBrain staff: is further development expected? I'm benefitting from BrainBox as is, but as wordmuse points out, this seems like a basic function that would have practical daily use.
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I've just moved 321 items from the brainbox, one by one, to a temporary thought in a brain. It took multiple periods of time, perhaps more than an hour altogether. Worse than watching paint dry. Ouch! 

The problem with the current brainbox list for me, in terms of moving items to various thoughts in any brain, is that there is only the web page title visible. I need to take another look at the web page content and then decide which thought to connect it with - these web links need to be in a brain to do that.

Another idea might be: In the process of adding a web link to the brainbox, have the possibility of adding tags. Then the brainbox items could be grouped by tags. And then if there were the ability to select a group of items in the brainbox and drag out into a brain ... 
Ian Goldsmid
Feature request has been documented.

Thank you,
I would recommend at looking at Evernote's web capture capability. Not so much to duplicate it, but to see what they enable and to decide if there's any of it that makes sense to create for TheBrain. I especially like that I can bring the current content of an article directly into an Evernote note with link back to the original, making it possible to see if things have changed since the time of capture. 

Anyway - just a thought. 🙂

Oh - and... Thanks Matt for documenting the request. 
+1 on looking at Evernote's web capture capability
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