Hello everyone

How do you put book summaries in your TheBrain?

I see different options, but would love to hear your ideas and learn from you.

My ideas:

1. Create <book-name> thought under 'Books' thought and put plain text summary right into Notes of this thought.

2. Create <book-name> thought under 'Books' thought and then put main ideas, that i got from book into child thoughts and put full quotes in notes of those thoughts. 

Love the second option more because i could put ideas in context, but i'm worrying that it could be too many thoughts.

Looking forward for your ideas and stories. Thanks!

For me it depends... lol.
First, I have a Thought Type of Book, and then I put the book under the author's name and genre (parent thoughts). 

If the summary is short, I just include it in the thought that represents the book. 
If I need to parse ideas out and link them to other thoughts, or if I want to separate out to view thematically, I separate them out as child thoughts. In TheBrain 8 I would use the comma trick to create the thought with the book name in it. In TheBrain 9 I don't do this, I include the book name in the label and it's found when I search the book name. 
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.230

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