Hi everybody,

the title says pretty much everything.
An image file (tried several with identical result) attached to a thought is displayed in the preview area. When I click on the OPEN icon next to RENAME and PROPERTIES, TheBrain 9 beta (current version) crashes ofter opening numerous empty message windows.
Sorry for the image, it's a 4k monitor.
Can you have a look at that?

Thanks for posting.  I was unable to replicate, but I suspect this may be related to the application that you open .jpg files with.  What is your default app if you double click on a .jpg on your desktop?

Thank you,
Please try switching to the Alpha channel (Preferences > System > Update) and installing 9.0.229. It contains a fix that will prevent multiple error messages from appearing at once.

Once you are on 9.0.229, try opening the attachment again. If it errors again, copy the ID of the diagnostic report, send it to us, then send the ID of the diagnostic report. Thanks.
Thanks to both of you for answering.
Here is what I noticed:

- the alpha channel version (9.0.230) did prevent muliple error messages, but not the error itself
- my computer had somehow completely forgotten which program to use for .jpg (no entry in the default app tool)
- Windows used PAINT 3D as its "best guess" from within all other environments but BRAIN
- BRAIN alpha version trundles for a little while an then dies with the Windows message saying something about an unexpected error (I'm using a German version)
- changed default app to windows Photo app: works as expected
- changed default app to Paint 3D: worked fine as well
So it was obviously the missing association of file type and default app.
(But you still might want to prevent that from happening.)

Thanks and best wishes to both of you,

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