Hi everybody and please forgive my English :-)

25 NOV 2017

Bought Brain 9 Combo Licence
- no way to connect to server and to see licence change on "About" window of the brain.
- after many attempts I got repeated crashes (crash log sent to support - ticket # 59475
- after two hours I could connect to the server and see licence change and upload my sample brain (quick start brain - 32 thoughts - no notes - no attachments)
- I posted to the support (hi Sean) that everything was OK

30 NOV

- after updating the brain to last alpha I lost connection to the server and in no way I could reconnect
- downgraded to last stable version  but same problem (I get a "could not connect to the server" message and when I try to upload the usual quick start brain I get :" an error occurred while syncing - HTTP response - 405 - Method not allowed (please see screenshot attached)
- send output log to support

I have tried to sync with or without WIFI connection
Deleting and reinstalling different versions of the Brain.

Now I am on macOS 10.13.1 - TheBrain but no joy :-(

Can anybody please help me?

Output log and error messages attached


Ubaldo Click image for larger version - Name: Schermata 2017-12-02 alle 14.07.04.png, Views: 50, Size: 348.73 KB Click image for larger version - Name: Schermata 2017-12-02 alle 14.07.37.png, Views: 48, Size: 209.63 KB

Thank you for posting.  This error is very similar to another issue we are looking into. It is sometimes caused by a change in wireless networks. Did you recently log into a different wireless network?  We are working on a solution for this issue. In the meantime, if you quit and restart TheBrain each time you change networks (going from home to office for example), it should work properly for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Another option you can try is modifying the endpoint for syncing. Please click on File > Utilities > Manage Endpoints... Click on TheBrain Cloud > Edit and change the address to:

You'll need to save this edit and restart TheBrain for this change to take effect.

If this does not resolve the problem for you, please let us know. We still have more options and I'm confident we can get you connected to your cloud account again.

Thank you,
Matt Caton

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