In TB8 when I preceed tags with a @ or # symbol, entering that character in search brings up these results first:


In TB9 typing that first character doesn't bring them up. In one brain any non-alphanumerical character always brings up these results:


In a TB9 test brain typing a non-alphanumerical character will give 0 results:


Even though the tag is there:


Only by starting to type the rest of the tag, the results come in.

Being able to search by non-alphanumerical character can be very handy. In the case of tags, if an @ naming convention is followed you can quickly pull up all tags in a dropdown.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | TheBrain v10.0.6.0
Thanks for posting. I'm fairly certain this is documented as a feature request for a future release.  I'll verify.

Thank you,

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