Almost without fail when I open an 80+ word document from OneDrive, so it is shown in the browser, not the Word document itself, scrolling will randomly get locked. Sometimes at 25%, sometimes 50%; never the same place.

Screen is unresponsive. Can't click a link. Mouse pointer doesn't change but can be moved. Pressing F5 doesn't refresh the page. Moving away from the tab and back does force a refresh -- which also gets stucl
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | TheBrain v10.0.36.0

Do you mean, when it's previewing in TheBrain's built in browser?  I'm not able to replicate, but maybe some additional information would help.  Are you scrolling with a mouse wheel or using the scroll bar?  Can you share a sample document to test with (maybe mine has different content...)?

Also, please send a copy of your Output.log file into if it is your Brain's built in browser that is being locked.

Thank you,
Sorry, we can't troubleshoot issues with third party applications running in the internal browser. The browser is not meant to replace your normal web browser.

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