I upgraded to PB4 Pro yesterday !
When I try to register PB4 I get an error message (I can access to the temp.bin file). I have to switch Personalbrain.exe to administrator rights when running to avoid this error message. After this step I still can't register but this is another story.

Is this behavior normal ?


Click image for larger version - Name: registration.jpg, Views: 59, Size: 29.00 KB
Hi Pascal, thanks for registering.

Looks like a Vista problem. We'll look into this and see if we can replicate. If you are still having trouble registering, please call us at 310-751-5000.
I had the same error when registering under Vista.  However, if you quit and run PersonalBrain as administrator it will allow you to register.  You can then quit and run normally.  I could, at least


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