In trying to move a brain from my office pc to my home pc i first archived it. When trying to open the archive on my home pc i received the following message "This brain already exists. In order to restore this brain from the BRZ file you can: 1. Change the GUID of the local brain or 2) Delete the local brain."

a) How does on find and change the GUID of the local brain?
b) I am reasonably certain the brain I am trying to import does NOT exist on the home pc; any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?
a.) On the list of brains (to get this just open a new tab), right click the brain and choose Assign Brain New GUID from the drop-down menu. 
b.) If the brain does not exist in your list of brains after opening the new tab, verify you are logged in using the same user ID as when you are on the work PC. The brains are associated based on the user, so if you are using different accounts on the work and home pc it would cause this.
macOS 10.13
TheBrain 9.0.250

If you are getting that message, the Brain you are trying to import definitely does exist on your local PC for the user you are currently logged in as. You can search the brains list for the brain you are trying to import by typing its name into the text box in the upper right corner. Note however that if you changed the name of the brain, it may not be the same name as the version from your office pc.

Once you locate the brain, as zenrain said, just right click and select the command to change the GUID or delete it. Please read the warnings that appear there before proceeding.
I understand the challenge HoensT has been facing is finding a previously installed version of the brain in question.

However, theoretically I'm wondering -- if a user wants to "move" a brain from one computer to another, would it be feasible simply to:
> Sync the brain from the office PC
> Download the brain onto the home PC
> Delete the brain from the office PC

Is there any reason this sync/download strategy would not work for "moving" a brain to a computer where it has not previously been installed?

The method you described would work fine, as long as the user has cloud services on their account. The other option for users without cloud services to move a Brain to a computer where that Brain has not been installed before is to create a BRZ, then import.

To do this: click File > Create a Brain Archive. Copy the resulting .brz file to a USB drive, then copy it onto the other computer. From the 2nd computer click File > Import, change the option in the left window from "TheBrain 8 Brain" to "Brain Archive" then Select File and import. Note that this method is only if importing a Brain for the first time onto that computer. TheBrain 9 will not import a Brain that already exists, to prevent overwriting and data loss.

Cheers, Sean
Thanks, Sean.

Appreciate your feedback, confirmation and tips.

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