If this has already been discussed or a FAQ explains it, please point me in the right direction.

I have a Brain Pro Combo license.  I downloaded the Brain 9 Beta and started a new brain. I synced it and am able to access it from different computers. 

But, I do not see how to easily launch it in the web browser?  Or how to invite others?

I did find that I could pick up the web link in Edit Endpoints, go to that link, log in again (I was already logged in to cloud services at, and then access my version 9 Brain. But I'm guessing that's not the normal link? (

Can anyone set me straight on the status of version 9 working with my usual cloud services account?

On a side note, I did not see any link to open a Help file and find answers on questions like this, I guess it's because it's a Beta?

I really like what I've seen so far on version 9 but hope a full release (with Help file and cloud services) is available soon, because the resource-hogging 8 has been killing its usefulness for me. I sure hope 9 lives up to expectations for performance improvement, so I can go back to really using and loving this tool!


Hi MH,

TheBrain 9 cloud is using a different server than TheBrain 8. TheBrain 9 cloud is not quite ready yet and you cannot yet share your Brain(s) with others. However, here is the link to TheBrain 9 Cloud if you would like to see what it looks like so far: 

We have not published TheBrain 9 Manual yet, but here is TheBrain 9 New Features and Benefits Overview:

TheBrain Technologies


Is there any update on the status of The Brain 9 Cloud Services?

Is it yet possible to invite and share a Brain with others?

Thanks you.

Hi Norm,

Yes, to share a brain simply enable public access then share the URL to your Brain. (In 9.0.243, all of these options are consolidated under the "Online" menu - check "Allow Public Access" then choose "Open Thought in Web Client" then copy the URL.)

Add a Website Forum to your website.

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